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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 948?

Guy, with all the recent excitement about your rear end, I've forgotten - if you ever told us - what you've got planned for the oily bits.

Have you got a 948 waiting on the shelf, alongside a smoothcase gearbox? Or are you going for something more zippy?
Nick and Cherry Scoop

I have just pulled a polished and ported head off my spare 948. Valves look std but ports have been rounded. Open to offers for anyone wanting a little zip.
Alan Anstead

OK then - what about you, Bill?
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Oh, sorry Nick. I didn't mean to ignore your question!

I have a choice. I have a fully refurbished/ rebuilt 1098 all ready to fit in that I bought from Nick Veuger. Remember our good friend Nick? And then I have an unknown condition engine that came with Frilly which has a gold seal type engine number that should be a 948 only the V5 lists it as a 997! As far as I know this makes it an ultra-rare in line variant of the mini cooper engine. So rare, it could be the only one in existence!

For gearbox I also have a choice from 2 smooth case boxes and one rib case. Only the ribby is one of the Morris Minor versions. I have yet to investigate the innards of any of these.

On miserably cold or wet days like we have had of late I could be working on mechanical stuff but have wanted to keep the momentum going on the body now, since that had previously stalled for so long.

Hmm didn't notice this one for a bit...

I used to have a 948ish engine sat seized in my garage

In a fit of uncharacteristic generosity I gave it to Mark Boldry one fine day

Whether he has unseized it I'm unaware

How about it Mark?
Bill sdgpM


Mine will have a 1275, normal tune, twin SU's. The car came with a 1098CG which was seized solid. I tried everything but one piston wouldn't move - it's still in there despite removing the crank and attacking it within an inch of its life.

But I wanted a 1275 anyway. I decided that since I didn't have the original 948 I might as well put in what I consider to be the best stock option. I got it off eBay and reconditioned it - it's a "12V" so quite late model. I got a Lucas alternator with it, which I've checked over and is OK so electronic tach for me (it came with that which I've re-furbished. Also got SU carbs with it and both manifolds.

I'm also converting to front discs and antiroll bar plus ribcase box (already rebuilt), 3.9 diff and later rear back-plates (for twin pistons) plus later EN17 half shafts.

W Bretherton

Why do we make these particular choices? I often ponder it, because the very reason for the attraction of old sports cars is so complex and, to me at least, elusive.

When I built my MkII Sprite years ago, I didn't hesitate to put together a 1330 engine, Peter Burgess head, HIF44, electronic ignition, Maniflow exhaust, disc brakes. I got rid of the 948 engine without compunction.

Yet I wouldn't dream of doing the same with Cherry, even though I have a spare 1275 sitting on the shelf. I think it's the driving experience of little engine, living suspension and drum brakes that I've enjoyed in the last 14 years.

(I admit I have been to see Mr Burgess)

Nick and Cherry Scoop


If I had the original 948 I'd put it in and keep the car original, with a smooth case g/box (although difficult to get parts) and front drum brakes, mechanical tach etc. But I'd also have had to paint it white (its original colour) which I don't particularly like.

As you say, we make choices. I do still wonder about what I'm doing though.

W Bretherton

Guy, it's just come back to me - I do remember Nick Veuger, with pleasure and sorrow. It must be getting on for ten years.
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Ho ho, Bill. Yes - it isn't originality for me, as Cherry's on her third engine, and the original gearbox is long gone (6 April 1966); I wouldn't dream of making an offer for one of Guy's smoothcases, as I don't have faith in bronze bushes for bearings.
Nick and Cherry Scoop

My other Sprite - the blue one that isn't a Healey has all the whizzo bits. 1320 HC engine, camshaft with numbers, HIF carb, 5 speed box, concentric clutch, electric fan, various relays, MGF leather seats, brake upgrades, bumpers removed and suspension lowered. Its been a test bed for all my DIY modifications and experimentations. And I love driving it.

So, the target/hope/dream for the Frog is to take a different approach. Why do all the same things and end up with 2 the same, just the different body shape? The Frog needs to remain much nearer to its origins. I did intend fitting a set of front discs that I have but I am now having second thoughts on that too. I may just use the 8" twin leading shoe drums that I have.

Bill (sdgpM) - where did the 948 come from? Your Arkley wasn't powered by it, was it?

Guy - did Frilly come with the steering wheel?
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Yes Nick it did. But it was in poor condition with cracks and chunks of the plastic (bakelite?) missing. Its one item I have fully refurbished and now its hard to tell where the missing bits were.

I am a bit worried that the name "Frilly" is beginning to stick, since it isn't frilly any more. Amongst other things at home it has bee referred to as Rusty (to common I think) and I then switched to the Filigree Frog which was equally descriptive. Inevitably that has shortened to Frilly 'though the welding is now pretty well complete and it is probably more solid than many other Frogs on the road.

This is why id never want to own something special like a Ferrari Dino or a Mercedes gulfwing

Cause i would never be able to resist the temptation to add my own ideas into the mix

I envey those that can keep a car orginal but ive never had that ability

I also think of Nick V from time to time, I guess it has been a decade scence he left seems longer...his abilities always amazed me i often wonder what he could have accomplished in todays world ...sad, what a waste.

Prop and the

September 2008 Prop.


Sept 2008 seems like a life time ago....not nine years

Any ideas what hecame of nicks car...

i remember when his brother decided to sell it on there was some heated feelings..mark T was gutted by that decision as many of us were

Ive often thought that the passing of nick v. Was the reason that (at least) encouraged mark T and anita to move 1/2 way around the planet.

And of course that was about the same time the world got busted then my engine blew up and became an adventure

2008... whew those were the days
Prop and the

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