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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 948 Engine Breather

My 948 engine - breather wise, the timing cover breather is to atmosphere as standard. The rocker cover breather origonally went to the air filter but I have now fitted K&N air filters which have no provision for a breather connection.
At present I have it to atmosphere but was thinking of connecting it to the K&N backplate, this would mean the breather is on the carb side of filter rather than air side as standard.
I cant see any problems with this, or should I just leave it going to atmosphere?

Les Robinson

Les a 948 engine has the crankcase breather from the front tappet chest cover, via a downpipe, to atmosphere. You must have a later timing case cover. On my 948 I run the rocker box cover breather into the rear of a KN filter on the non standard HS2 SUs
A Anstead


My mistake, I meant the tappet chest cover and not timing cover - doh!
I am planning to run the rocker box breather into the K&N backplate.

Les Robinson

Why not put this filter at the end of the rocker breather?

ld derancourt

This thread was discussed on 27/01/2011

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