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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - A big thank you

I've had lots of great help from this Forum, most recently in a thread in respect of crankcase breathing problems. All comments have been carefully considered and recommendations followed wherever and whenever possible.

I've attached an "official" photograph of my '67 midget in action.

I'm very pleased with my result on this event, 4th in class, but thrilled to bits with my son's award winning result in the same car, 2nd in class. Much of our success is down to this forum.

For those of you that want to know the outcome of my crankcase breathing issues the problem was finally resolved by breathing the crankcase via the oil separator to atmosphere using a half inch internal diameter hose and retaining the rocker cover breather to catch tank (10mm) hose with the catch tank outlet to atmosphere.

More photos of yesterday's event (an Auto Solo organised by Farnborough District Motor Club - FDMC) can be viewed at This collection includes some great shots of a rare Kougar Jaguar, a 3.8 litre special kit car that came 3rd in class. The V8 MGB GT also in our class finished well behind us!

Thank you to everyone on this forum that helped to make this happen.


Not sure if I helped or not, but you're welcome! :)
Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

Guess you enjoyed the autosolo.. :)

When you said the oil seperator did you mean the original on the front timing cover or one you made yourself?
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Well done Bill the car looks great Is that a dead witches hat I spy there ??

Bob, I was referring to the original oil separator on the timing chain cover.

William, by witches hat I'm guessing you're looking at the traffic cone? If so, there are loads lying down on a Solo course as the direction they point in helps to define the route.

Ah- I see
We use witches hats (cones) upright here with different coloured flags poking out of them for different directions. Usually if one is laying down it means you have hit it. Thought I had you there too - Cheers Willy

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