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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - A bit more done...

Hi all

I did a little bit more to the midget but had to go steady as i have broken ribs that are still prone to 'making me jump' if i stretch a little too much..

I thought it best to remove the wing to do some repairs to it and the panel below (called the wheel arch in the Moss cat..

the wing also needed some repairs and the hole for the indicator welding up with a plate as i either want ti fit the split sidelight/indicator that the MGB uses or just the single round orange lamp units..

j b biggs

Ooops, forgot the pic!!

This is the rotten bit that needed removing..

j b biggs

The new bit welded in...

I was surprised at just how solid everything was once the wing was removed, a small plate had been welded in before i bought the car..

j b biggs

I painted some rust inhibitor on any surface rust and on the new steel then put some black stuff out of an aerosol on (think it was Waxoyl)..

j b biggs

Here's a pic after i had cut a bit of sheet to cover the large indicator hole and also, i had to make a repair to where the headlamp fits..

j b biggs

The inside of the repair which was also painted with rust inhibitor and will be waxoyled tomorrow..

j b biggs

Hey - you are 1 tidy welder -- fancy comming to Leeds to do mine?
Mick - trying to sort the wiring

This thread was discussed on 01/07/2010

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