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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - A couple of wiring questions

I've about finished with all the wiring, no problems but I've got a couple of queries:
1. Where does that little black wire earth out? 1/4" eye. I can't find a home for it.
2. Where does the loom go around the front. Behind the RH engine mount, through it or in front and then where does it go?
3. If your car doesn't have a heater then what goes in where the heater knob is? That one might be a hard one for the English.

Thanks, Greg

Greg H

Hi Greg,
The loom runs higher up on the inner wing, above the brass brake pipe splitter and towards the front of the car. The earth tag goes under a small short nut/bolt which also holds a wiring clip in place. There should be a hole for it.
The loom then goes through rubber grommets in the splash shield and then the front panel. The loom is then in the void behind the grill, wiring to horns, lights etc.
Sorry can't help with the heater knob, we need them here, it's 2 deg.
Regards, Tony
Tony G

ok Tony I had a look at it. I can put it up higher put there's no hole to mount the earth or support the loom. My car doesn't have the splash guards just the angle brackets. I read in Horler that at least for the early midgets if the car didn't have a heater splash guards were not fitted. So not sure if they were on it on not when new.

I could earth the wire on the bolt holes for the bracket and just poke the loom through the hole in the front panel but with out the mounting bolt hole for the loom I feel something may be missing.

Greg H

A normal "69 should have splash guards.
The hole to mount the earth on is the same hole the bracket for the heater hose is mounted to.
But since you have no heater I don't know how that works.

This might be one of those weird down under things?
Onno K

Hi Greg, just taken a photo, the hole is just above/midway between the bracket mounts.

Has the hole been filled up with paint or a skim of high build when your shell was prepared?

Lots of work to get such a nice looking engine bay, is that clipper blue, one of my favourites.

Regards, Tony

Tony G

Thanks Onno you've been very helpful ;-) So my car is weird and abnormal then. Some might take offence to that slandorous statement but I won't because I know it's a good thing if your car doesn't need a heater.

Enjoy your heater...

Any more useful advice out there?

Greg H

Thanks Tony! Right you are in every respect. I dont know about 'high build' though. Very diplomaticaly put, you must be a panel beater. I think the common term is 'bog'

The nut is still on the other side of the guard. problem is there a broken bolt in it. :( So the broken bolt has been filled over. Not sure if it was when it was painted this time or possibly when I painted the car many years before.

I need to put a 1/4"UNF back in there. I can't see the hole on the engine side and on the wheel side the broken bolt is below the nut and it's one of those pointy tip bolts. So it won't be easy to drill from that side either. My next little challenge. There's been no easy rides on this car. I thought the good steel came from Sheffield? Perhasp I'm wrong because there's been quite a few broken bolts on it.

The colour is called Sapphire blue and the original colour. The Midget/Sprite colours in Aus were unique to Aus. Another one of those weird down under things.
Greg H

So no weird down under thing then ;)

Brr must be hard to keep the windscreen defrosted in those conditions without heater.
Tough it would stay clear if you only drive top down....
Onno K

That's not in Aus! Europe or US I think. I now understand why your cars have heaters in them. The Midgets in Aus are down at the beach with their tops off.
Greg H

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