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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - A favour - rear seat carpet measurements

I've fitted a new carpet set and the piece to cover the 'rear seat' is an inch too long front to back. I've emailed the supplier (to remain anonymous for the time being) and at the moment they are saying "you car must be non standard".

I can't possibly see how this area could be non standard or have been changed at any time.

I'd therefore like to gather a bit of evidence so would appreciate your measurements of this part on your car (particularly mk2 Sprites but Frogs and later cars as it may be that mine is for a different car).

The old one on my car is 16.25 inches and is actually a tad too long but you can loose a little by running it up the trim panel at the back (but not an inch).

My new one is 17 inches.

The panel, measured with a tape measure following the countours from the edge to the trim panel is a shade of 16 inches.

Many thanks in advance.
Jeremy Cogman

Jeremy, The rear seat carpet in my 1972 midget is 16.25" & overlaps the rear trim panel by approx 1".

Alan Cotterill (1972 standard 1275 )

The new carpet (from UK) in my MKIII Midge is 16.5" and I think it's a scrap to long. 16.25" sounds like a better size.
Greg H

1972 RWA Heritage shell

My carpet is 16" and fits flush with the front of the 'shelf' and just reaches the rear bulk head.

Doug Plumb

Just been out and mine, it's 16" long.
Pete Ottewell

Thanks folks, keep 'em coming.

Peter, which model do you have?
Jeremy Cogman

72 RWA, the one in my vehicle profile :)
Pete Ottewell

On my 65 MK II Midget its 17 inches and comes up the rear panel about 1 inch.

T Mason

on my 1972 MkIII Midget (original shell), the carpet is 16 3/4" and come up the back panel just under an 1".
In fact I feel this section of carpet should cover the leading edge of the rear panel to cover the panel fixing screws and look neater, IMO.

Tony G

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