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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - A good days work

Nowhere near running yet but the engine is in , a major milestone !!!

Andy Chaffey

And one from the side ...

Andy Chaffey

Looking good.

Another few weeks and it'll be ready for the MoT...if it needs one!
Dave O'Neill2

Nice Andy!

One thing I always wondered about with the sebring repro's is do you get glass windows?
Onno K


front screen is glass , back and side windows perspex , beleive heated front screen now available

Andy Chaffey

Have you re-wrapped your loom in new tape? Or is this a repro one from Moss or something. Looks good, my loom is manky as anything!

Roller rockers too... mmmmm rolly!

Nice colour too, I like it all!

Malcolm Le Chevalier


Its a new one from autosparks , thanks fpr the comments , appreciated.

I got it from them as they make from scratch so has fia switch / alt conversions / headlamp relays etc in it
Andy Chaffey

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