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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - A good run today & 0-60 times

Hi all

just back from a great run in the sebring through a bit of kent , acquired a racelogic performance box some time ago but wanted to run the engine in a bit before i pushed it

So 500 miles in and took some 0-60 times today as follows

1st run 7.9 seconds
2nd run 8.3 seconds
3rd run abandoned as road greasy and tyres slipping all over
4th run 8.3 seconds
5th run 9.0 seconds again eased off in it as road making tyres slip

Really pleased with 7.9 and think with drier road and better tyres would repeat and improve. Must dmit had a massive smile on my face driving it today

Think stock 1275 is about 14 seconds from an old road test

Car spec is as follows

1380 engine
286 cam
weber 45
SCCR gearbox
LSD with peter may halfshafts
fibre front and rear

Just wondered about your guys thoughts on the time


Andy Sebring

Sounds good Andy, pleased to hear the car's performing well.
SR Smith 1

A lot better than my 1500 with slippy clutch, poor compression on #2, duff tensioner and poor return spring on front carb. I still surprise most 3 series and coopers up to about 45mph from the lights ;-)

Good to hear its a goin strong Andy.
Dave Squire 1500

Hi Andy, sounds like fun...

Whats your diff ratio and tyre size ?
What is your top RPM you take it to ?
What gear are you in when you reach 60 ?

i have GRP front and back and a A14 nissan engine (about 80bhp at 5200rpm according to what i read), wondering if i should expect similar results when i get new half shafts and more confident in flooring it...

Be carefull on the slippy roads !

Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

Thanks guys

Diff is 3.9 tyres 13" wire wheel standard size
Rpm up to about 5000
Unsure what gears when hit 60 think just end of 2nd each time but carried on into third while slowing. To be honest was so busy concentrating. On road didn't take a lot of notice .

Andy Sebring

How are you taking the timed measurements? I seem to recall that there is an App for this, or do you have a stage timer fitted in the car?
Guy Weller


I used a racelogic performance box , just plugs into power supply and measures pretty much anything you want to

Andy Sebring

Doh! I quickly read in your first message that you had a "racelogic performance box", and assumed this was a modified gearbox supplied by a company called Racelogic!

;-) !!

Now I understand!

Guy Weller

That's the one mate , really clever piece of kit
Andy Sebring

Andy, pretty interesting piece of hardware. I wonder how accurate the HP calculations are. Have you used that function yet?
Jack Orkin

Those are some respectable times for a naturally aspirated road going midget. The LSD certainly must help. My car seems to be limited by wheel spin and the short datsun 2nd gear.
Trevor Jessie

Nice....but can it out run a cop radio?

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I've run 0-100km/h (effectively the same as 0-60mph) twice since fitting my gps speedo. Ran a 7.xx both times, can't recall the exact split. My midget is standard weight except for bumpers removed, wire wheels with 175/70R13's, 3.7 diff (no lsd yet), engine is built for boost but currently running n/a with a DCOE45. Engine has: long duration short overlap Graham Russell supercharger cam, 9.2:1 compression ratio, Graham Russell ported head, 1.3:1 roller rockers, bored 060 over to 1330cc, standard crank (balanced), rods (lightened and balanced), and flywheel (lightened and balanced). Weber 45DCOE on reasonably long intake manifold, a very good set of LCB extractors and free flowing exhaust, Toyota 5 speed gearbox. The engine is great, and despite the (less than ideal for n/a) cam and compression ratio pulls hard up to ~7000rpm. I hope to see the times drop considerably when I sort out my clutch issues and fit up the supercharger (custom manifolds, Toyota supercharger, planning for ~15psi of boost). Subjectively it felt significantly quicker when I had the 4.2 diff fitted, but I don't have any times before I fitted the 3.7. I rev the engine through to ~6500-7000rpm.

Trevor, have you got any times from your cars?
Andrew F

I run a supercharged, EFI (megasquirt) 1293 Sprite with datsun box. No idea of these acceleration times, other that I get wheel spin almost always when I push the accelarator.

Car only has limited boost (0,3-0,4 bar), effect is enormous. I have no LSD (but do have beer :-))
a.o. arnold

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