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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - A series Oil filter adapter housing adapter

midgetmeone who knows, tell me if the adapter in the picture -- (circled in red along with the end of the oil pipe), --- is the right/same size thread to screw into the earlier paper filter housing head?

I have an earlier paper filter housing head with the female thread, but the later female threaded pipe union.

I need the correct male/male adapter to join the two.

Moss the sell the adapter in the picture for

Lawrence Slater

AFAIK they are the same.

Have you found a pipe?
Dave O'Neill2

Crikey,this is getting very serious - I mean, if the one from Moss didn't fit, that would have been a whole 1.80 spent for nothing !
M J Chapman

Hi Dave,
I want to get on rebuilding my spare engine (and investigating the oil sucking problem -- remember the long thread--), and don't want to have to rob bits from the current engines to do it, so I bought a pipe the same as the one in the picture on ebay the other day. Unfortunately it escaped my attention that it was for the later spin on filter housing. Hence I need the adapter.

MJ. Plus postage.
Look after the pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves. I see no virtue in buying things, however cheap, unless I have some degree of belief that they will actually fit.

Or, if you like, I'm a tight wad and I don't spend/waste money if I can avoid it. :)

Lawrence Slater

Ah the sucking oil problem. Look forward to that one coming up again! Who could forget it!

Problem its not just the 1.80 it's the postage that kills it. I'm sure everyone has slipped up by buying all the bits you thought you needed and then discover one 90p item which you have missed off and have to pay an extra 4.50 to get it delivered.
G Williams (Graeme)

and an extra 3 weeks wait!
Greg H

Yes, sorry about that - never gave a thought about the postage as I'm fortunate to live only 15 mins away from a Moss branch (Stockport).
M J Chapman

I feel like an 18 year old again, or at least 25 years younger anyway (They're not the same thing in my case). I haven't bothered working on my Sprite or any car in such crap weather -- when I don't really need to -- for at least 25 years. They say that as you age the brain regresses. I think I've started. lol.

I've just been out in the cold and snow taking the bit I need off the rwa Midget, to confirm that it fits the earlier filter housing on my spare engine.

Dave you're dead right, it does fit.

Yup indeed. Postage.
If I telephone Moss and order it on the phone, it will cost 1.80 plus 2.40 postage(inc vat). If I order it on the website, it will cost 3.40 postage, --- I've just been told.

But anyway, rather than line the postal systems pockets, does anyone have an adapter laying around that they don't need? I'd rather pay someone here than Moss and the post office.

And this is the offending item: --with a gratuitous pic of the midget with it.

Lawrence Slater

Bit drastic taking the wing off just to get at that pipe. Old back not as flexible as it was once?

Take the adaptor round to your local tractor workshops. They may be able to match it with a hydraulic coupling from their parts bin
Guy W

I've probably got one.

Haven't been in the garage recently. There's still about 9" snow on the garden at the moment.
Dave O'Neill2

Thanks Dave, I'll wait on your garden thaw. Moss have plenty of stock so I won't be missing anything by waiting to see if you have one.

Guy, the wing fell off when I leant on it :). But I was considering taking the engine out to get the pipe adapter off. ;-)

Tractor workshops? Around here? No chance. Gradually over the last 10-15 years all the useful outlets have either closed or moved away. The nearest industrial estate is busy becoming a retail park, with more places to eat and buy the latest fashions than buy much of any use. Argos, TK max, New Look. Aldi, John lewis, Mc Donalds etc, don't stock this kind of thing either. Some industrial estate. Even Wickes moved away, priced out by a supermarket who offered more rent then Wickes could afford to pay.

I think by the time I drive around trying to find anywhere that had something like it, I'd have spent double what I'll spend on postage I reckon. So if Dave, doesn't have a spare and nobody else does either, I'll bite the bullet and get it from Moss.

I'll think of other stuff I need at the same time to make it worthwhile.
Lawrence Slater

I have got one you can have. I will be at the monthly Kent Masc meet tomorrow (sun) at 1200hrs or can you mail me via
Alan Anstead

Hi Alan. Thanks.

That's very splendid of you. I'll see if I can drag the gf there for lunch. I'll have to wash the Sprite though, it looks worse than usual lol.
Lawrence Slater

That'll save me trudging through the snow...although it seems to have melted a bit overnight.
Dave O'Neill2

Forcast says rain and floods on the way Dave. So you may need a boat rather than a trudge. Sunny here today though.
Lawrence Slater

Hi Lawrence
Look forward to seeing you in WM tomorrow if you can make it. I can buy you that drink I owe you!

G Williams (Graeme)

Yup I'll be there.

Gf in london until tomorrow night, so no need to haul her along after all. lol. Nah no need to buy me a drink graeme. Tea and biccies were more than enough :).

Forcast says sunny from 11am onwards. That'll be nice.
Lawrence Slater

leaving your top at home then?

I hope you're not going to a pub and drinking red wine :)

enjoy your drive and visit
Nigel Atkins

Hi Nigel.

Got back a home little while ago. Were your ears on fire? We were talking about you --- a lot. lol.

Nope hardtop on all day, even though the sun is still out. Have I commited the very worst sin in the users guide then? Lovely blast down 7 mile lane, as on the way there I was pretty much the only car going that way, and not many more coming back.

Not wine nigel. A pint of Angel special bitter. Courtesy of Graeme. Cheers Graeme.

And thanks again for the adapter Alan. Much appreciated.

No need for you to wade to the bottom of the garden now Dave.

So nice to see the sun and the grass again, instead of grey skies and dirty snow.
Lawrence Slater

blimey, you're in a poor way if I'm a topic of conversation

glad to hear you had a bitter

are you sure those grey skies aren't just the inside roof of your hardtop, bound to be more gloomy with that on :D
Nigel Atkins

I could cut a sun roof in it lol.
Lawrence Slater

Someone asked whether it was worth getting a handbook, Nigel. And as we had two of the Poster Supremos in our midst, (Lawrence and 500-posts Rylan) someone mentioned the BBS.
G Williams (Graeme)

I hope the consensus was that it was very much worth buying and reading a Driver's Handbook, the word must be spread

I was thinking did Rylan ask. or anyone offer, to take him out in one or more of the four Spridgets that turned up?
Nigel Atkins

"I hope the consensus was that it was very much worth buying and reading a Driver's Handbook, the word must be spread --- "

Well funny you should say that Nigel.

As we were busy discussing the merits and demerits of that publication, one of the bar staff was at the table serving food, and overheard us say how you probably had a whole stack of them going to waste.

She put two and two together, --- namely waste and user manual -- and asked if the pub might take ownership of the unused manuals, and hang them as individual sheets in the pubs ladies and gents. :).

I think if it was put to such use, the word would indeed be spread, in a manner of speaking. LOL.

Lawrence Slater

blasphemy, you're final destination is a fiery place !

I know you're telling a tale though as it's impossible to discuss demerits of the good book as they don't exist
Nigel Atkins

My current thinking is that there is little point in anyone ever buying a Handbook as all one has to do is post here and Nigel will immediately provide all the information ever needed - and a bit more besides - by quoting from his copy(s)
Guy W

teaser snippets only Guy, from my one and only paper copy

there are more copies on the DVD but it's such a pain to use
Nigel Atkins

I've got a copy in my loo now Nigel. lol
Lawrence Slater

good to know you're at last reading it, well done :)
Nigel Atkins

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