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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - ABS query


Has anyone ever fitted an ABS to a midget?


K W Seddon

Why would you want to?
A Anstead

as above

Why would you ever want to, learn to regulate your foot

Just an idea, as I'm converting my 63 Sprite to Rover 1.8 Turbo. I'm uprating brakes and axle etc to cope with 190 bhp and 190 lb/ft.
K W Seddon

A tad short to say why!

It is a good idea to look at doing quite a bit of work to brakes etc - as to whether or not you'd want to go all the way of the ABS - well, I've not got a k-series, so can't say if you need it or not, but, the car is still light and easily handled, so I'd say save your money for something more useful - or ask in the k-series section as they will be able to give you much more information.

This thread was discussed on 23/01/2011

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