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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - ABT or AAQ needles for HS4

Hi all ,

a bit cheeky i know but does anyone have a pair of either ABT or AAQ needles for twin HS4 carbs that i could borrow or perhaps buy ?

My midget isnt running too well on ADN needles with fixed jets so i want to try either ABT or AAQ needles .

Looked into buying both pairs and they would cost me nearly
D Stratton

Hi Dave

Why don't you book in and have it done on the rollers properly, wondering how you will know which needle choice is correct?

Peter Burgess Tuning

I wouldn't expect that the needles would be far nough out to think they were the cause of poor unning? Is there perhaps a more basic problem?
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

I might be wrong as often happens but if i remember correctly I suspect from other Dave's other posts that the car's not quite ready yet for rolling road tuning

but when it is Peter is excellent value and price with high quality results

however far you get with workshop, garage or home tuning a rolling road with someone who knows what they are doing will improve on it
Nigel Atkins

Peter i think youre right . Ill give you a ring this week to sort something out

D Stratton

This thread was discussed on 22/01/2012

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