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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Accuspark

Finally got round to fitting this 30 bit of kit - didn't bother for best part of a year because the car was going so well - and I'm really pleased! Crisper throttle, just runs that little bit sweeter!

Fitting was a bit of a pain, just because I've got an Aldon 45D4 distributor and the trigger wheel didn't fit. Apparently, the newer units have slightly larger cams in them. One gentle kiss with a hammer and I fui*(ed it! One phone call to Accuspark and they sent me a replacement FOC! I filed the new one a little so that it fitted. They also supply a rotar arm/trigger wheel in one but it's got the dreaded pin in the rotor arm (long story, just get a distributordoctor one!) so I left that one alone!

It's important to re set the timing, the difference between points and electronic are more than you think. All fits under the cap so even a purist like me is happy. Well worth it, I was surprised by the difference.

I've got no affiliation to them, just a happy customer!

Robin Cohen

I have a kit for my DM2-4 distributor, but not fitted yet.
When you say, you had to reset the timing, how did you it.
The only method I know for static is using 12V lamp.
Is it possible to use the same methode even there is no point?
ld derancourt

I have made a timing marker that is a LOT easier than the factory ones that you have to view underneath the car! So, I time by looking over the right hand front wing with a mark on the pulley and the timing cover.

I then cranked the car over with a timing strobe pointing at the pulley and that gave me an idea of which way to move the distritor until it was about OK. Then fired it up and set it with the timing strobe.
Robin Cohen

>>Is it possible to use the same methode even there is no point?

Almost certainly, yes. All optic and magnetic systems will switch the current through the coil off (like points opening) when engine rotated slowly passed the nominal 7 deg advance position. I used a voltmeter or bulb to detect this change... or if the garage is quiet, you can hear the spark.

Anthony Cutler

Unlike points, this didn't seem to fire if the engine is rotated very slowly, ie by hand. With points, you can set the crank to 7 degrees btdc and rotate this distributor anticlockwise until it sparks to set static timing, this didn't seem to trigger the accuspark.
Robin Cohen

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