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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - accuspark dizzy+coil

Hi guys,
Accuspark are offering these items below for around 70! Has anyone fitted them and are they any good? oh and will they be ok on my 1972 1275 midget?

Thanks steve.
s j knox

I wouldn't be recommending spending on any upgrades unless you need to until after 12 months of regular use - hopefully you wont find out why

electronic ignition is always on my lists of upgrades but I'd recommend going the full distance and getting a fully electronic system like the 1,2,3 dissy

but I'd strongly recommend you buy the owners Handbook and do a full and proper 36,000-mile service and then see what the car needs

basic servicing isn't sexy but without you can't progress properly

so many classic car owners have cars that could be so much better just for the sake of full and proper servicing

end of sermon
N Atkins

thanks, cars in the garage and they say the dizzy has seen better days so was just looking into what to change it to. points just aint for me.
s j knox

if i do change it should i get a 45D4 or 25D4 dizzy?
s j knox

25D for a 1275

graeme jackson

start by fitting a hall effect sensor to your existing one (google simonbbc)
for the price of a good set of points/condensor/rotor you get an electronic kit that works!
Onno Könemann


I'd agree with you that these are good I've used one to good effect but the problem is if you fit one of these to a badly worn dizzy all you get is a badly worn dizzy without points. The main problem I've found is that the springs on the auto advance stretch, this means you don't get enough advance at higher engine speeds, this makes it feel dead and lacking power at the top end.

R.A Davis

He has to get a new dissy anyway - so he might as well get the accuspark - it's a good basic electronic one - although the other one is also good - but do get ALL of it together - most of the problems come when trying to do a mix and match.

A few new springs in the advance system is no problem now is it!
And since it does away with the points you lose most of the ignition scatter you get with worn spindle bearings.

and it is so cheap you can at least try ;)
Onno Könemann

Steve, If your car is running o/k I would take Nigels advice & run it for a while before any upgrades...When you do decide to upgrade your ignition system what you are suggesting looks o/k. I bought what I think is the same distributor but a different coil from Simonbbc ( I would compare prices on ebay )It's worked o/k for about 600 miles for me...Probably worthwhile buying a good set of ignition leads as well.

Alan cotterill

A few new springs in the advance system is no problem now is it!

Fitting the springs isn't very difficult. BUT what springs to fit? I've been tinkering with mine for a while now, and trying to measure them, force and size that is, is quite difficult without special tools. best I could get was a difference between the springs I had, no absolute figures.
Alex G Matla

hi guys! my car is in nottingham getting some work done before being shipped to the isle of man. Its getting a new windscreen and some minor jobs doing so i thought since its at a garage i may as well replace the dizzy. thanks for the advice, and i cant wait to get it home.
s j knox


Im disagreeing with the board on this one, but with a qualifer

Accue spark has a good name wwith the rice tuners, if they can match the curve for you engine, then id say do it, if not have the dissy rebuilt to new standard.

This is just a great price.. A pretronix will cost that and more, if the dissy is shot, sure you can fix but will it stayed fix or need more service in six months

To me there are to many advantages if you can get the dissy with the correct curve... Cost, time, and aggervation, but you have to consider how important orginality is....

But im a fan of the aftermarket kit AND Id take rachs advise, buy the entire kit, not the hod nob pieces from differant company's


if the dissy is going then don't mess around with half measures go the whole hog a get a 123 dissy it makes more sense
N Atkins


The "whole Hog" now thats just un-callled for !

What if steve if steve cant eat pork, or cant eat a whole pig in one sitting,

Perhaps a more PC approrpriate comment would be,,, a whole corn cob

Prop... Yes I fear monsanto and the corn/maze lobby

let's just say Steve could feast rather just nibble - how's that for ya Prop(!?)
N Atkins

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