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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Accuspark, your experiences please

I have Ignitor but thinking of fitting Accuspark to mum's midget.

Any reliability problems?
Jeremy Cogman


I fitted a Powerspark (much the same as Accuspark I believe) unit and replacement distributor in my Frog some years ago. I haven't had any issues with either.

SA Wood

first I had a distributor conversion kit
and latterly, new distributor, coil and fan
all 100%
hap small probs setting up the new dissy but was able to phone and get some good advice
rgds tony
a boyle

Accuspark ignition module, coil and leads in my car. It works... but I haven't exactly been far in my car yet! :-)

M Le Chevalier

I have fitted the complete distributor in my (ex) Mk4 which was no problem during the four years I ran it and in my Frog I fitted the ignition module about 15 months ago. No problem (touch wood!).

Graeme Williams

I fitted it a couple of years ago, it's very cheap and has worked brilliantly. I think the module was about 30 compared to nearly 100 for other makes. Easy to fit, need to reset the timing and it's been completely faultless. Go for it. Don't even bother with a new distributor as worn cam makes no difference.

Robin Cohen

We have seen one or two modules fail after a year or so, but, at the price, keep a spare in the boot. Cannot fault them to be honest and I understand they show very reasonable goodwill to folk with problems.

Peter Burgess Tuning

But taking Robin's point wear on the timing weights, weak springs, worn spur gear and so on will affect the timing as much with these units as with conventional points. The activating magnetic ring fits over the cam and so individual wear on the lobes wont affect anything unless the lobes can't locate the ring firmly.
Graeme Williams

I fitted the simonbbc points replacement unit after many issues with condensors failing and being stuck at the side of the road 3 times.

Easiest mod i have done to the car and the one that made the most difference.

Engine took on a new lease of life and i never looked back.

Of course this performance improvement may be to do with my skill (or lack of) at adjusting points etc.....

But 2 years fitted and no problem so far, though my mileage is low.
Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

Have had Accispark on car for 2 years, 5000 miles. No problems at all.

After hearing that someone had their loom burnt when an electronic ignition failed shorted, I have a line fuse in the supply wire. This person's ignition wasn't Accuspark but I think it's a worthwhile precaution for any such module.
Pete AC

yes got it on my car as well,had problems at first with 2 units burning out but it was because car was over charging at 18.5 volts. sorted that and had no problems since.
bob taylor

2000 lovely miles so far. But I still carry the old distributor in the boot.
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Many thanks for your input folks, much appreciated.

(Nick, yes I've had my Ignitor for years but there is still a distributor with points tucked in to a rear wing).
Jeremy Cogman

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