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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Ace Cafe

Next month there is a midget meet at the ace cafe, I have always wanted to go, especially now I have a midget cafe racer. Is anyone else up for it?
I Henderson

Although I am the usual contact for Midgets & Sprites at the Ace, I will have just got back from the Le Mans Classic, I will do my utmost to be there though.
Gary Lazarus

If that's Tuesday 13th, I plan to be there if I can bend my right leg enough to get out of the car (just had keyhole surgery) by then. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening when I went in May. Make sure you leave enough room for a good fry up though!
Matt1275 Bucks

Saw the ACE CAFE on a 2 hour special of American Chopper. It was motorcycl oriented with hundreds of people trying to get on TV.

Yes planning to go on the 13th, weather permitting. Not been before , do you just turn up?
I Henderson

Best to get there early 5-6pm to have any chance of getting into the car park. They are truly egalitarian (is that the correct word?) in that if you turn up early in a clapped out mini or Spridget and a superstar turns up later in a 300SL Gullwing thingy, you will always get preference. It's first come first serve but there is always room on the street outside too.
Gary Lazarus

Just turn up


before six o clock or maybe take all night to squeeze into the not over large car park

Will see some of you there, we're likely to come from SS&NBMASC, John Geoff and others (me too)

and DO OBEY the car park boss he has done it before

Gary is this outside of the London meet or part of it?

another meeting last time around they moved the non classics out before six pm

They let me stay!

sos and mash is soul food

lots of hot nosh on the menu

bill sdgpm

As far as i know it's the normal 2nd tuesday of the month meeting as it's always on the Ace cafe's events list. I haven't heard anything about any other meeting.
Gary Lazarus

Sometimes the car park looks like this

Gary Lazarus

and this

Gary Lazarus

I couldnt find my pictures of the last Spridget evening last year

nice one Gary

bill sdgpm

IF a load of people go down from here, and I've got the time, then it could be fun ...

Are you south of Cambridge?

I'm in at Neots maybe we can hook up some where
I Henderson

I plan to be there. Though I have never managed to get there early enough to get in the car park! Plenty of parking on road outside but watch out for the kamikazi motor cyclists.
Graham M V

Sandy you should come over

meet a few stalwarts off the BBS

Rach, JC may be coming too

The place always looks better with a car park full of CARS, usually one or two Yanktanks too (as we calls 'em)

Now I have to finish rebuilding my (Lara's) rear end

She needs an MOT next

bill sdgpm

Spridgets at the Ace (packed in like sardines)

Gary Lazarus

I can SEE mine

remind me

which one was Arie's?
bill sdgpm

I'm really hoping to be there.

It will be my first time!

Hopefully the K will be fully legal and reliable as I can't leave work until later than everyone else sets off and the blue midget just wouldn't catch up!

Pictures are all great by the way, love how they pack these little cars in
John Collins

you might not when one of 'em is yours

everyone needs to know, John

How're Pom and baby doing?
bill sdgpm

I see what you mean Bill

We are all great, Pom is doing really well and is a great Mum and Austin is just amazing, its had a massive effect on us all and I am spending far less time in the garage and more time pushing the puschair around!

John Collins

hey everybody

he's looking at me!

thanks John

see you next week
bill sdgpm

LOL - John has sold one half of the only way I might get there yet ...!

It is something that I'd like to do before I go, and summer is preferable - but, I'm not committing to anything at the moment that is more than 20 miles from home!!!!!!

Bill, mine is on the back between the white? and red frogs.
What a brilliant evening it was!!
I can really recommend everybody to go to the Ace-spridgetevening at least once in your life.
Just Brilliant!

John, good to see the little (Soon-to-be)spridgetmaniac is doing alright.
Arie de Best

I thought that was yours Arie

it was the upholstery that gave it away

nice car
bill sdgpm

is it wrong to be getting excited about it? More pics please.
I Henderson

Call it what they may

It won't ONLY be Spridgets

it is a great experience

enjoy it

bill sdgpm

iv been to a couple of bike meets there but not a car one YET! anyone that loves cars,bikes,trucks infact anything with an engine really needs to pay homage to the ace at least once in there life.
roy j


Which way would you be going down - M11?

After today's work, I'm looking a tad more hopeful ...

This is a typical Classic Cars evening

We could play "Spot The Classic" with this one

I don't think the clock was accurate though :)

bill sdgpm

Rach, i will head down the A1 i think, which way wil you go?
I Henderson

hmmmmmmm - via the scrap yard????

Don't really know - was thinking the A10/M11 - will probably have to consult with a map and see which is the best way - especially that time of day. I'll come back to you on that after tomorrow when I get to see if she's even going to make it through the weekend, before the head refit!

"We could play "Spot The Classic" with this one"

Go on then Bill, I'll bite!

Lancia Fulvia Zagato
Fiat 500 Abarth lookylikey
Triumph Stag
Jag XK120/140/150?
Jag XJS convertible
Ford Cortina Mk1(as its two door, white and has some chaps looking at the engine lets assume its a Lotus Cortina!)
Volvo Amazon
What look like two Jag XJ bonnets up behind the Cortina's boot
The thing on the right with quad lamps wants me to say Bristol or Humber or early Reliant Scimitar.
Front left looks like the rear of a white Jag MKII type.
The roof in the immediate foreground? Not a clue, but I'm guessing Renault Alpine as it looks like its got a sloping glass hatch with a rubber spoiler but don't think I've ever seen one that colour. As an outside guess what about a Matra-Simca Bagheera? Remember those?

Good quiz! How did I do?
Matt1275 Bucks

beat me Matt :(

good game-good game-cuddly toy

I got about half those

(justasking the question doesnt mean I knew the answers)

Think I'll look at some other pictures from that night if I can find them

bill sdgpm

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