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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Adding a Fuel Filter to a 1500

The dribble of fuel from my cars front carb suggests that I have some junk in the needle valve again.

I need to install a fuel filter somewhere to stop this happening again, any suggestions on where I can fit one in a 1500?

I am reluctant to cut a section out of the steel piping in order to do so. The only place that comes to mind is beneath the car in the flexible section near the gearbox, but this would be a pain to change.

-- Josh
J Levine

Hello, Josh.

I've actually added two filters to my 1500. One's just before the fuel pump (original-spec mechanical one), and the other is just before the carb. (Single-ZS US-spec.)

In addition to the filtering, these clear units let me see at a glance if fuel is present at the pump and at the carb, which can be handy for troubleshooting.


Gryf Ketcherside

My choice would be to remove the flex pipe at the first (rear) carb and mount the filter on the bulkhead somewhere near the fuse holder. You'll need a couple of custom length flex pipes.

M McAndrew

When I still had my 1500 in I had it where Mike describes it, on the bulkhead/footwell.
And like Gryf says its easy to install and good for checking if the carbs get fuell or not.

Arie de Best

I had a "roadside incident" at the weekend, due to detritus causing the needles to stick open.
Just got in from the garage after fitting an inline filter, as others have suggested here. It's temporarily fitted for now, whilst I ensure it works ok, and decide how best to attach it to the bulkhead. I'll probably cut the rigid pipe from the pump back a bit, to make the pipework fit a bit neater.



Dh get rid of that one and put in a paper one - stick that somewhere else to have two if you want, but the washable filters aren't as good as the paper ones and will still let debris through.

I don't know why yours didn't have one already coz Primerose did (and still does of course!) it is further up on the top of the bay where the ones on the B are.

DH2, where is your heatertap?
Now youll never get first at a concours d'elegance... LOL!!

Now Rach gets all the prizes with her original picknickbasket, we all know how compettitive she is. :)
Arie de Best

Well I needed a quick fix, and this might let me see what is going on - I'll be keeping an eye on it, and see how things go - not the end of the world if I need to revert or change it (hence temporary fitting).
The only filter ever on this car was the one in the fuel pump - but I accidentally put a hole in that which must be letting the detritus through... unless someone knows where I might be able to buy a replacement?

Heater tap went in the bin years ago on account of being a piece of cr4p. Makes the bypass plumbing much simpler, and just close the flap if you don't want heat.

I think the days of this car winning condition awards are in the past, until it comes up for a reshell. It's just a decent usable car, and it's nice to have it back working after 6 years off the road.

Attached a photo taken of it this morning...



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