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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Adjustment screws for windup windows ?

Have just been reassembling the doors of my '70 midget. When I took them apart I noticed a bolt in the door which seemed to bare upon the window runner extension which runs into the door from the base of the quarter light assembly.
What is the bolt for? Is it for adjusting the "bow" in the runner to suite the curve in the window? If yes I an guessing that ad I have fitted different quarter lights I will need to do some adjusting.
T Dafforn

I think a photo is need for this

there's a bolt that stops window winding up too far, I fitted one wherte one was missing and then found it just stops the window from being fully wound up
Nigel Atkins

think you are correct.. looking at the Moss catalogue, it is called the window stop bolt..
T Dafforn

it was a standard UNF thread on mine so I just took one from my stock
Nigel Atkins

One like this you mean ?

M J Chapman

is that what they look like

I just used a normal hex head bolt (screw)

but looking at the photo perhaps I had to use a nut too and forgot

mine now needs the threads filing down to allow the window to wind up just a little more but it will have to wait until the next time the door panel needs taking off
Nigel Atkins

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