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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Aerial

I have a 70ís nos rise and fall aerial. Am I right in thinking it has to go in the boot? Maybe by the nearside hinge where there is a bit of a flat piece of panel? I canít think of anywhere else.
Dave Squire

Do you mean electric or manual (retractable was that the term?)?

Manuals at least I've seen on front and rear wings, a photo on here with one on scuttle shroud near windscreen and one that looked assembled wrong.

How about a CB style whip aerial instead for even more period look.
Nigel Atkins

Joke of the period -

A young couple were making passionate love in the guy's van (you know, shag carpets, big double mattress in the back ... all that) when suddenly the girl, being a bit on the kinky side, yells out "Oh big boy, whip me, whip me!"

The guy, not wanting to pass up this unique opportunity, obviously did not have any whips to hand, but in a flash of inspiration, he opens the window, snaps the aerial off the van and proceeds to whip the girl until they both collapse in sadomasochistic ecstasy.

About a week later, the girl notices that the marks left by the whipping session are starting to fester a bit so she goes to the doctor. The doctor takes one look at the wounds and asks, "Did you get these marks having sex?"

The girl is a little embarrassed but admits that, yes, she did.

Nodding his head knowingly the doctor exclaims, "I thought so, because in all my years as a doctor . . . you've got the worst case of van aerial disease that I've ever seen."

Of it's time I know but still makes me smile.
Nigel Atkins

Indeed I remember it well. Just as you quip Nigel.

The aerial is electric rise and fall so needs space for works. I canít think of anywhere else apart from on the same area on the right of the boot. My battery is there at the moment so I have actually ordered a proper battery for under the bonnet to free up space. Hols loom to purse strings slacker than usual for correct car reliability and enhancement requests ;-)
Dave Squire

"Of it's time I know but still makes me smile."
Me too Nigel.
Imagine being able to get a GP appointment so quickly now.
Jeremy MkIII

After I posted it I remembered that's not the version of the joke that I back then.

As for an electric aerial on a midget, not really back in the day, perhaps on a Jag. A locking manual retractable aerial with its own key was more like it.

If you fit this NOS electric aerial (rather than sell it on to the owner of a classic Jag) then be aware that (IIRC) in winter the top can ice over and motor get strained especially if it's wired to rise and lower with the radio, "stereo" or ignition switch being turned on and off.
Nigel Atkins

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