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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Aerodynamic testing

Photo of testing a Spridgetech front spoiler/air dam in the Horiba-MIRA full scale wind tunnel earlier in the week. It proved extremely effective as expected, based on road use with and without it.

Daniel Stapleton


an oldie but a goodie ... i havent seen one of those spoilers in a long time...the people that had them belived in them

mine is similar but more curved up under the body work ... id love to test mine and see what the shape of the air looks like

ill shoot a photo later on


Daniel, will we reed more of this in the new edition of How to Powertune midget&Sprite? ;)

The air flow (visualised by smoke) looked very good Prop.

Spridgtech still make them (in the USA) and I believe that as a result of my testing on Monday, they can now claim to make the only Sprite/Midget front spoiler that's been tested in a full scale wind tunnel and the results of that testing found to reduce drag and front end lift.

Yes, day off from the 'day job' to work on the book revision.
Daniel Stapleton

Don't tackle any "sleeping policemen" or speed bumps with that on.
Mike Howlett

I've had no trouble with sleeping policemen or speed bumps as I drive over them carefully and slowly. Because the spoiler is fastened by dzuz fittings I can remove it in seconds and put it back in a couple of minutes.
Daniel Stapleton

It certainly looks the business. I wonder if it's allowed in "Roadgoing Series Production" or whether it would tip the car into "Modified"?

I did my own bit of aerodynamic testing the last time out at Loton Park. Two morning runs with the hood up = 59mph through the speed trap and a P.B. The sun came out so the roof came down for the 1st afternoon run, exposing the roll bar etc. Speed through the speed trap = 57mph. Hood back on for the second run - back up to 59, but not quite a P.B. Very frustrated that I can't break the national speed limit!

Next time out I'll try back to back tests between the hood and the hard top. I've not actually weighed them, but the hood and the hard seem to weigh roughly the same and I suspect the hard top is better aerodynamically.

Now if I could run an air dam with the hard top, perhaps I could break 60!
Colin Mee

I think the 5 speed alone would put it into 'modified'.

We did back to back testing with hood up and hood down and the results were interesting. Do you have any photos of your car Colin?
Daniel Stapleton

The only draw back are the concrete bumpers when you park... im always mis judgeing and running into them

Daniel, did you test any blanking plates for the grille?
john payne


Here's my Sprite this time last year at Loton Park.

Still relatively close to standard: Re-bored + 0.030", Maniflow exhaust, polybushes all round and negative camber trunnions. Sparco seat and four-point harness in addition to the roll bar. Standard 1 1/4" SUs (just re-jetted) and saucepan air filters - K&N's next on the wish list. Tyres = 155.80.13 Toyo 350s - wider wheels and grippier tyres next on the list after the K&Ns.

Far from immaculate but great fun to drive, which is what I bought it for.


Colin Mee

Hi John - yes it was test no 2.

Hi Colin - very tidy standard looking Sprite.
Daniel Stapleton

Still fighting the is my spoiler...

you can see what i mean by hitting the carbs as its loosened the silicon


Excellent Daniel, will be interested to see the results of that. I keep meaning to make some plates for mine. I've got a full size grille with only about 2/3 of it taking air to the rad, the rest just goes straight into the engine bay with no obstructions and no rear vents. You can just about see rad ducts in line with the beam splitter in the photo. I could probably go with an even smaller opening for the rad if needed.

john payne

Many moons ago I did a sprint at Castle Combe(before the chicanes!)

Top down on the straight after quarry it went as fast as it could. Top up it went about 20mph faster by the end of the straight making the next two corners a damned sight more entertaining.

The hood "domed" and really smoothed out the airflow. The car was only mildly tuned so an indicated 80 becoming and indicated 100 was a huge increase.
Clive Berry
Daniel Stapleton

To follow on to clives comment... my hard top yes heavier really allows the car to sail thur the wind

d say at the upper end there alot more then without the top...

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At a track day at RAF Marham at the end of a 1 mile straight I had a sat-nav indicated 8mph (113mph with 5 speed datsun and 3:9 dif) faster with the soft top up on my frogeye
G Lazarus

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