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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - aftermarket seatbelts


I have a Healey frog, based on a 1967 midget and I would like to replace the very tatty seatbelts. Found some in the USA, excellent quality and colour, but they are not 'E' marked. Looked on the UK MOT website and it says nothing about 'E' marking. So, my question is, do aftermarket seatbelts have to be 'E' marked? Has anyone experienced problems at MOT time about this?

aj robinson

Try Quickfit SBS - any coulour you like.
Clive Berry

I have, but very expensive in comparison!
aj robinson

So price is the ultimate deciding factor for your seat belts?
Trevor Jessie

When the cost is halved, then yes!
aj robinson

Found the answer: UK MOT testers do not check for 'e' marks. Seatbelts from USA should be approved by the regulating authority FMVSS, and if so, are seen as equivalent standard anyway.
Job done!
aj robinson

Had mine MOTed last Friday. The guy checked the operation and condition of the belts, he didn't check any marks.
P Ottewell

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