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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - air filter for HS2

Well, some people commented on how the K&N filter is mounted off center (and someone made the nice suggestion of using a paint can top and re-makging the back mounting plate).

Anyway, I have a set of these filters and I was anxious to drive my car. I installed them the way they were.

too bad, because the front one was apparently hitting the hood and make a slightly visible dent in my hood. If K&N had did a better job designing the way it mounts (in the center with two attach points instead of one) I would have have had that problem.

I will use something like paint can covers (the metal is kind of flimsy) to make a new back or some such other design that uses the same filers.

R Harvey

Im sorry to hear that Reb, that really sucks (pun .. get it LOL) I was the one that recommended the paint can lids, you might try JB weld some sheet metal into the inside of the lids to give some beefiness to them

you might consider a oval filter set up, they flow alot of air, and look really cool, not sure where to get one, maybe someone here has a spare in a is a photo below, there is a "Free flow foam one" with a wire mesh frame that can be purchased cheap if you look around. I think englsh parts atlanta has them for around $50.

I want to say MGB made this filter also but for an HS4 carbs, still it wouldnt be difficult to jimmy rig it to fit on HS2s



I saw one of those oval filters the other night on a 72 with the same carb as mine (HS2). The guy told me that he did not think that anyone made them anymore. I will look though.

R Harvey

I had a set of those once upon a time (oval foam filters). They have 2 major problems: 1)they crumble with time and use 2) I was never comfortable with sealing at the backing plate.

They seemed very flimsy to me. I won't touch them ever again.

JM Morris

I have one of those filters on my '71 with HS2's, except it is lettered with midget. They have K&N filters. I picked mine up used with a set of carbs. But they are on, do a search for midget filter.
J Wirtes

Moss in the UK has this K&N kit for the Midget to 1974 using HS2s.
l snowdon

I snowdon,

I found these on the moss uk site... they are for the weber carbs,,,,will that mate to the hs2


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