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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Aldon AYP Distributor

Hi All,
just finishing car and discovered that the distributor drive is a not A+ (although I think its an Ital block) so AYP distributor (for A+) clearly doesn't fit.
Does anyone have either an AY distributor, or can tell me whether its possible to convert the distributor drive by changing the drive shaft and the retaining sleeve to the A+ type, and are they directly interchangeable between the A and A+ blocks
Mike de St Paer
MJ de St Paer

let's confirm the block first; there will be a casting number on the LHS below the screwed plug where the drain plug used to be fitted, what is it?
David Smith

Hi Dave,thanks. Block casting looks like c158? Been painted so there might be other digits.

Engine has plate which looks original

Mike St P
MJ de St Paer

sorry Dave, that should read 12V E-H 182528, Mike
MJ de St Paer

you should see one of these on the block:
Marina = 12G2398
Ital = WFM1025

I would expect the engine number to be
12V639-EHZnnnnnn or
12V923-EHZnnnnnn or

how about a photo or two?
David Smith

Well the block casting number isn't remotely like either 12G or WFM - it still looks like c 158. I'll need to remive the LCB/inlet to get at the block properly to clean it off.

The engine number is also definitely 12V E-H 18258 - mind you I suppose anyone can make an engine plate.

It's got the standard A series distributor drive not A+,and the spin on filter with no external oil feed.

I'll get at the numbers and really clean them up, and I'll get a pic done.

Mike St P
MJ de St Paer

I have an AY dizzy with Aldon Ignitor plus spare cap & rotor mint & boxed.
alan dot anstead at BTopenworld dot com
A Anstead

If the spin on filter screws directly onto the block, and there is no external feed to the oil filter, then it is an A+ block - isn't it? How could a standard A series distributor fit?
Chris H (1970 Midget 1275)

Marina (A) & Ital (A+) blocks (x-over wasn't exactly on the model change but close enough) both have the spin on filter high on the block. But the A+ has the strengthing ribs.

This is the Marina / A version

Dean Smith ('73 RWA)

And this is the A+ Ital version...

Dean Smith ('73 RWA)

thanks Dean - any chance of close-ups of the other side showing the casting numbers?
David Smith

This is a close up of the A+ - WFM1025 (as you said above)

Dean Smith ('73 RWA)

I don't have a suitable pic of the other side of the Marina block - and its now in the car which to my shame is under quite a lot of "stuff" currently.

Full gallery of the Ital A+ block

And the Marina block which became my current 1380
Dean Smith ('73 RWA)

thanks; wanted to ensure Mike knows where to look!
David Smith

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