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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Alignment - How many turns per degree

I've just checked my alignment with my TrackAce and I'm a bit too toed-in at 1.5 degrees (i.e. circa 9mm). Does anyone have a feel for what angle each turn of a track rod equates to.

My guestimation is that the thread is about 20tpi and the attachment point is roughly half way to the rim so one turn is just overone mm at the TRE and therefore probably between 2.0 and 2.5 at the rim.

Does anyone know any better / want to shoot down my maths.

Jeremy Cogman

Just adjust a bit and remeasure-no need to make it harder than it is

With your math.though, just out of interest-
At the guessed 20tpi that would be about 1.25 mm/turn --all agree there.
So 1 turn =1.25 at the tie rod end and possibly around double that at the outer circ. of the tyre so 2.5 But as the front of the tyre goes one way the rear goes the other so the result/effect to the track measurement would be double=5mm---so in theory one turn on each side combined will move the toe 10mm

If I remember corectly the difference between '0' toe and 3mm toe is half a turn on one side but my car had shorter 3rd arms so probably doesn't relate

William Revit

Don't forget to turn both rods an equal amount to keep your steering wheel centred.
Mike Howlett

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