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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Almost a brown trouser moment.

midgetall, apologies first, I


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There's something more to this story. There appears to be a crack more or less opposite the worn through part, and there is no conceivable force that would cause that. I've worked with thousands of these and have seen some worn a lot but never through. Excess wear is usually a result of grossly over-strong springs as an attempt to cure a bad cable or other sticking problem. Further, correctly setup throttle linkage can lose either or both of the carb lever springs without much more than a somewhat fast idle, if the cable return spring is present. Or, the cable return spring can be and often is missing entirely without issue. Any one of the three springs should prevent runaway.
Can you get a picture of the assembled linkage on the car?

FR Millmore

If i can add my 2 pennies...

I really dont think loosing the spring caused your engine to take off and race to high 3K rpms.... my guess would be a worn out throttle cable ... aka bicycle cable.... esp the cheap ones... maybe 3 to 5 thousand miles.... are all those $3.00 cables that everyone seems to sell .... might have to order a good one off ebay. Which reminds me i need to order a good one also cause ive still got that cheapo cable from past year... i was using for a pinch

I wonder if a P.O. but some vise grips to that lever trying to rig up a spring... twisted it.. then fractured it un-knowwingly....i say that cause thats something id do


been there - not a linkage problem but the fold-on-the-floor pedal stuck down on the trim once while I was going flat out overtaking people...

something else might be a bit sticky as well if the single spring was that poor, I had one break on my 1 1/4s and it just made the idle a bit high.

as you say, lucky it didn't happen in a worse situation!
Rob Armstrong

Hi Bill, not doubting your reasoning for one minute however I confirm Prop's explanation as I too had a brown trouser moment and on investigation found that a single thread of wire on the cable had broken and had crunched up inside the cable jamming the throttle open. The bicycle accelerator cable should ony be used as a temp solution.
Mark Wilson

I'm with FR Millmore on this one. There is more to this scenario than, at first, meets the eye. The visible crack suggests excessive pressure has been applied to the linkage at some time in its life. And, as FR says, "Any one of the three springs should prevent runaway."

I concur - a photo of MillMex's linkage will be most interesting.
Andy Hock

I had a similar episode with a 1500 - the throttle cable snapped as I was overtaking.

Got home by wiring the throttle in the mid rev range. Stuggled to get up steep hills in top gear, but once over the top it was quite an exiting ride.



Have seen a good friend finish a day of rallying (no servicing between stages) using all the shoes laces available to them to make a hand throttle which was controlled by the navigator whilst the driver did the rest


Just to correct the typo error "an exiting ride"

Mind you, there were times on the downhill sections where I did feel like exiting.


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