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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Alternate silencers?


Bought a complete Maniflow exhaust system that goes over the rearaxel to gain a bit clearance. But when fitted the silencer is just to far back and there really is no room for me to fiddle with so will need a different box or otherwise i'm thinking that I might mounting it horizontally behind the gastank.

Any suggestions is most welcome.


Alexander Sorby Wigstrom

Minispares rc 40. Cheap, nice noise, no loss of power. Fits between tank and spring.
Rob Armstrong

I do have the same Maniflow and had the same problem. A torch and a saw solved this. I added some kitchen paper to diminish the radiation to the fuel tank.

Flip Brühl

I fitted the 2 box RC40 system to my frogeye and the rear most box ran across the car behind the tank. I had to make the bend between the 2 boxes myself out of various bends but worth the effort as the sound was quite civilised. I have a picture somewhere that I could scan if required.
David Billington

Flip looks like your exhaust is straight and goes under the rearaxel?

David no need to go trough the hassel of scan the picture, but thanks. Think i'll do something similar to what you did.
Alexander Sorby Wigstrom

Yes straight, under the rear axle and Panhard rod, one inch from the tank. I have it for 3 years and 20.000 km and I am very pleased with the sound and the extra HP. An other thing is that the Maniflow manifold does not crack on lying policemen. They are abundant here in Holland...
Flip Brühl

So it's not only our policemen who tell lies!
Bernie Higginson

Magic midget do some very nice silencers and they last a long time.
d brenchley

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