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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Alternative fuel pump mounting holes

I'd like to fit an alternative fuel pump (A Facet Posi-Flo).
Is there any reason not to drill a couple of new holes in the panel, or should I make an adaptor plate that uses the existing stud from which the existing SU bracket is suspended?
I intend using 2 moulded rubber cotton reels to help isolate any noise.

M Crossley

Yepp... rust bunnies love holes that get wet and muddy

I found a good way to mount a non su fuel pump that runs all the time that will take all the noise out

I use a strip of galvanised stiff strapping the kind thats 2 inches wide and has 1/2 inch drilled holes about 1/2 inch apart

I bolted the pump on one end, the other I bolted to the car using the SU pump mounting hardware...because my pump has to be below the fuel level to work, I can just drop it down to the level I need...

Orginally it was just a redneck hillbilly fix till I got a new SU pump, but, its worked so well... im leaving it as is

Because it hangs on the strap it has nothing to vibrate agianst so its actually more quite then an su pump

Ill see if I can get a photo up later tomarrow

Prop and the Blackhole Midget


Yes, I'd rather not drill any more holes if I can avoid it. I wasn't sure it a strap dangling from the existing stud might flap around a bit. But if yours hasn't broken, I'll give it a go.

Thanks, Mark
M Crossley


Here are some photos...they are shoot from the rear of the car looking forward

The pump is basically the same as the cube faucet pump just clyinder shaped made by morriso a popular hot rod aftermarket parts company...

But you can see how the galvanised strapping makes the pumps postion fully adjustable and because the strap is only bolted on at the top and the pump at the bottom there is most nothing for the pump to touch and so no vibrations

I wish I could claim I planned it that way, but it was pure accident

Btw... only galvanized steel strapping, or non farris metal like aluminum...or it will rust like grandmas underpants at the swimming pool

Ill have to try later on posting the photo...sprint is having fits agian


Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Okay... lets try this photo

Prop and the Blackhole Midget


don't fit it like that!

Big risk of stuff bouncing off the floor and either puncturing the rubber pipe, or snapping the end clean off the pump...

Poke your hand up inside the big hole under the car, then you can bolt straight through while holding nuts on the inside. Plenty of waxoyl on the holes and it'll be fine
Rob Armstrong

I have this:

then fitted a big solid bash plate under there to stop anything getting snagged in the fuel lines
Rob Armstrong

I did think about that ... but if I snag something at that height... ive got much bigger immediate issues ...mainly the rear axle getting plowed under .... but the pump can be mounted higher with little effort due to the strap with all the holes and normally iI would, but this type pump wont work well unless its. At the bottom of the tank level

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

My facet pump is up in the wheel arch, at the top. It's about 4 inches above the tank and works perfectly. The instructions with it said up to 12 inches above tank level is fine. I've since had it pumping fuel out of the p6 tank through the filler, total lift of about 2 feet. Took a bit to get going but was otherwise ok.

It feeds a swirl pot on my k, and I've not managed to fuel starve it yet.

All it takes is a sharp bit of gravel through the rubber pipe.
Rob Armstrong

All it takes is a sharp bit of gravel through the rubber pipe."

Or a suicidal Armadilla

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

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