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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Alternative indicator stalk

I have a '68 Sprite IV with floor mounted dip switch and dash mounted wiper toggle.

Is there an alternative column switch assembly that can be grafted on that would give me stalk controls for the dip and/or wipers?

Ta, Mark
M Crossley

Years ago I had a really cool panal van for my business... a 1971 1 ton econovan box truck

The turn signals where shot, and I found thur jc whittny a self contained unit that just bolted onto the steering column and you ran all the trun signal and emegancy wires thru the unit... it took about a day to wire it, but it worked perfectly... you did have to shut it off manually

I recall it did have a provision for head light dipping ... i didnt use that feature... but nothing for wiper washer fluids that I recall

So yes... what your wanting does exist, but where to find it ???

Might try, summit racing .com, amazon, or ebay
Prop and the Blackhole Midget


I have a big file of info saved about these things following my stalk switch debacle. I never throw knowledge away haha!

If you can post your VIN/chassis number I can probably work out something that will suit with the minimum effort and least intrusive modification. In the early days the elecrical systems of spridgets changed quite frequently, so the chassis number would help, for the sake of the correct wiring map.

It's a really interesting Q and something I'd enjoy figuring out. On someone else's car anyway! (Snigger). (Just kidding).

The short answer though is yes - of course it is possible. However, you may need to use a modern repro stalk switch as proper Lucas switchgear of the right type is getting rare. These are not usually great quality and don't take kindly to heavy currents like headlights but that isn't necessarily a problem. All it takes it to install relays so the stalk switch gets an easy life and the modern stuff should work fine and look more-or-less "period" (i.e. British) while it's at it.

Your project sounds like fun. Don't want to get too detailed right now but I have some ideas already.


I think I've a 1500 column switch assembly hiding in the garage - would need figuring out how to wire it, but it should have all the functionality even iff you need to add some relays
t Kent

To echo Greybeard, if you swap the foot dipswitch for a contemporary column stalk you will also need to wire the headlamps through a relay.
Way back when, I managed to get hold of a Jaguar steering column set for my Morris Minor and just switched the foot dipswitch wires and connector to the column unit. I soon discovered that the column unit was not designed for such a heavy load. One dark night, half way up Bunny Hill near Nottingham the lights went out because the switch had melted! Fortunately I had left the dipswitch in place 'just in case' so, after re-connecting it, we were on our way again in a few minutes.
I had to change the stalk on my '67 MkIV Sprite a couple of years ago when the old one fell apart. I got one from the MGOC. It looks identical but has an additional wire and spring loaded stalk - presumably for flashing - but I've not connected it. You could probably use this function with a suitable relay to give a 'pull for main beam, pull again for dip' system
Colin Mee


There is some info in the MGA archives and on about using a VW headlamp relay for the purpose you describe.
Dave O'Neill 2

Thanks for the suggestions chaps. I didn't fancy reinventing the wheel if this sort of thing had been done before.
Rod, my cars a HAN-9 72017. It's a '68 and was originally +ve earth with a dynamo and a one piece steering column.
I've converted to an ACR alternator and there are relays for main, dip, horn and both the heating and cooling fans.
I'm not worried about carving up the loom, in fact it's due a new one once I've decided where everything needs to go, but any pointers would be gratefully received. I was really hoping that there'd be some miracle solution involving a late spec Mini switch unit with stalks for lights and wipers, but I suppose that's asking too much.
Prop, not a bad idea. I could look at universal kit car style stuff that might do the job.

Thanks all, Mark
M Crossley

This is similar to what I was talking about... this one is ugly but there are.others that are prettier and work about.the same

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I prefer the foot dip switch personally. Yer foot's just sitting there right next to it with now't to, do most of the time.
Lawrence Slater

Imy 1st car had a floor dip switch....73 Mercury Cougar XR 7

To this day I still miss that little function on every car ive ever owned, it makes driving so much easier... you got your phone and stick shift knob in one hand, a 182 oz big gulp soda and trying to tune in the radio in the other hand, steering with your right knee, the cruse control is set. You have break with your left foot then reapply cruise control with your nose

And auto companys want you to flip a lever on the steering column to dip the head.lights? Whats the matter.with those idiots, do they have any idea how dangerous that is, clearly a left side dip is the best option as your left foot has almost nothing to do.
Prop and the Blackhole Midget

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