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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Alternator pulley

Had this happen to my alternator pulley a couple of weeks ago. Fitted to a 1980 1500, it started with a slight scraping noise which developed into a rattle within about two miles. It was obvious the noise was coming from the alternator but I thought it was a failed bearing and decided to try to make it home, a journey of about 20 miles. I only just made it! By the time I got home, the outer side of the pulley was just about to escape over the pulley bolt; if it had done that, I would have lost the belt and without the water pump turning I would have been forced to stop. Is this a common failure on 1500 midgets? The replacement pulley (from a Triumph parts supplier) is a one-piece job, so it shouldn't fail in the same way.

Lindsay Sampford

I don't know how common it is, but I had exactly the same thing with a pulley I got with a 2nd hand alternator from a Mini. The inner side of the pulley is clamped tightly to the alternator, but the outer side is only crimped in place from what I could tell, -- the nut and outer pulley, have a square-ish keyed fit together.

But as you found, if the outer loosens a little, it doesn't take too long before it starts to spin, and eat a larger hole.

Probably just age.

You can 'fix' it with a large washer on the outer pulley, but I bought a one piece replacement too.

You can still get the three piece type, so they can't be that bad.
Lawrence Slater

I havent seen that posted here, and I doulbt its to common, but im sure it happens with in the statistical avg.

If its orginal... then id considard a grandma part ...and even grandma pees her self from time to time

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