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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Aluminium doors

Has anyone bought any, and were they any good? Good fit?
R T Jakeman

I spoke to some one who is in the midgetpaneling himself and he had bought some aloy doors for his hillcrame midget.
To him they are completly crap when it come to fitting/lining up.
He now had plans to cut the doors open en weld stripon to it to make the gaps/lines even.
They have been made in Poland.

Would be very intrested in (fitting)aloy doors myself.
Arie de Best


We are planning on making our own lightweight fibreglass doors using Mk 1 Midget ones for a mould and and internal alloy pipe frame for side intrusion.
Paul Walbran

Motobuild do them. £460 per pair. No idea how goog they are!

Eddie Brown

Hi Arie, thatís what I was worried about. I'm quite fussy about panel fit, which is why I donít like fibreglass. I have a road car too, so being able to fit the original doorcard, glass etc is a must. Just wondered if anyone had any personal experience/photosÖ
R T Jakeman

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