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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - ammeter

I bought an ammeter, but now i have no idea how to wire this.
i tested it between battery and place "A" on the regulator, but no action.
Has anybody a plan for me.
Thomas, Sprite MKIII
TN Thomas

I have a plan - don't fit it, buy a voltmeter/battery condition gauge instead.
More useful, easier to fit and safer.
Dave O'Neill 2

I bought one several years ago. And with the advice and help of friends here on the BBS I devised an intricate plan which seems to be working well so far. I can check the reading as often as I like and so far the needle is staying pretty well central on the scale.
Its still sitting in its box on the shelf in my garage. The box has a clear see-through panel so it is easy to check.

The problem with Ammeters, is that if they do go faulty, you generally loose power to most of your electrical system as they are wired in series with the main supply wire (brown) from the starter solonoid to the alternator and fuses etc.. A voltmeter is wired in parallel with the battery, and is less likely to cause problems.
I personally like Ammeters as they show instantly the charge and discharge of all items as they are being used.
Cheers John

Yes it should be connected to the A terminal on the voltage regulator and the wire to the battery.

You should disconnect the brown wire that goes direct from the A terminal to the battery and this to the side of your ammeter reconnect the other side of the ammeter to the A terminal. This means the Ammeter is in SERIES with the battery to A terminal. The second wire on that terminal should be the feed to the fuse box you can leave this connecte to the A terminal

If you do not fully understand this you ought NOT to be doing the job as you can cause major damage by doing it incorrectly.
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

I recently went rhru this,,,,,what I found its a usless gauge if you have an alt

And is only mildly useful on a stock setup with a dyno,,,, its great if you got a 3000 watt sound system, holigen head lights, electric air conditin high powered fog lamps and a winch..... But your goona want an alt instead of a dyno if your running any of the above thus makimg the ammerter useless

Prop, why is an ammeter useless with an alternator? Still does the same job.
Cheers John

Because the alt does to good a job keeping the charge upto par, the drop in power is almost un noticeable aka head lights, the power is to constant with an alt, unlike a dyno where you have to practice batrry management,,,, in other words you cant drive 35 mph at night in the winter with the head lights on, radio, wiper, heater, gauge lights, ect on a dyno,,,,or you will need battry charge ....thus the need for an ammeter, but with an alt... the power ut put would be fine, and you wont see muxh of a power drain.


I wouldn't fit one, voltage meter much safer, if you really need anything !!
K Harris

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