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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Another alternative seat

Hi all seen there has been a few threads lately , different seats in our cars , I know mx5 is trending at momoent , and I did have these in untill recently , Ive now fitted Lotus Elise seats they are more supportive than mx 5 and lighter (12kg per pair ) , also I found with the mx5 seats they would of always been better if they could of gone back one more click , (Im 5'10" )with the lotus seats im brining them forward 2 clicks to be comfortable , and if you get the right seats they have lumber controll via a little hand pump , anyway here's a couple of photos

Darren 2litre frogeye

and one without the belts in the way

Darren 2litre frogeye

I would be up for a set of those if you could cut off the head rests. Im partial to the original seat style but I bet yours are more comfortable.

Steven Devine

I bought these , and they are in top top condition , complete with runners for 200 , so they are a little dearer than mx5 seats , but ive seen they are rising in price lately .
Darren 2litre frogeye

Would these fit in a midget/Sprite? Leather, small headrests, integral lap belts, presumably quite light.

eBay 261390691707
Jonathan Severn

and looking quite horible
G Lazarus

F*ck sake, are those from battleship Galactica or from a Florida old-folkbus? :)

Jonathan, stay away from drugs and alcohol!!!
One of them or the combination of the two together are influencing your judgement...

Beside their looks I dont think they will do anything for you in mathers of side support for back and legs like the real sportseats have.
A de Best

Do they have a fold-out tray for the in-flight meal?
Dave O'Neill2

Plane ejector seats ...

with this fantastic line at the end....

"The Mk12 is currently operational in Taiwan in the F-CK-1 Ching-Kuo aircraft."

I've got seats from a F-CK-1 Ching-Kuo in my car is the last word in any pub argument !!

On a more serious note, these guys do a range of narrow seats - - I'm looking at their range for a kit car I have with less room than a Sprite or MGB.
Malc Gilliver

Malc, thanks for the link of Intatrim, nice seats for those with modest behinds. ;)
A de Best

Not so fast with all the hate ....

They have raised arm rest so that could hold you in

What about this idea... put the seats on a swivel a lazy boy chair and the have the seats recovered in deer skin, and add in an ash tray on one rest and a cup holder on the other.

Now how crazy do I sound.....hahaha

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

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