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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Another broken accelerator pedal

Just been out for a 'test run' & limped back with a broken acclerator pedal, looks like i pressed a bit bit too hard & broke off the rubber attachement to the linkage. This is my 2nd pedal breakage, i'm thinking about fitting a dead stop to it next time, has anyone done a similar mod?
Brad 1380

Have you considered a new right foot ...?!

Convert to "the other" type of pedal?
Alex G Matla

I must say my driving is rather 100% on or off the loud pedal most of the time.
Brad 1380


try 80% for a while and a bl**dy big piece of sponge padding behind the pedal for those 100% moments! Or a whacking huge return spring.

Jeremy 3

Have done the same myself with the organ pedal type. After it broke for the 3rd time, Replaced the whole assembly with one from the rubber bumper model whcih is a straight hung part and much more robust. Main issue is the shoddy quality of the replacement part which can be bent with bare hands......

Got this tip from

The MG midget and Austin Healey Sprite High Performance Manual (Speedpro) (Speedpro Series)
By Daniel N.J. Stapleton which is well worth buying....
P J Guest

Having had the rubber split on the back of my organ type pedal many years ago, resulting in pedal going flat to the floor and the revs disappearing off the rev counter !! (I'm really pleased I was stationery at the time - no space to put foot under pedal !!, so I'm not sure what i would have done, apart from the obgligatory change of trousers), I fitted a 1500 pedal, which as PJG says, is more robust, and I think gives a smoother action as well.
Geoff Mears

I'll keep my eye out for a 1500 set up, but in the mean time i've ordered a new organ pedal, i'll just have to learn that sometimes no matter how hard you push the pedal the car won't go any faster.
Brad 1380

There is (or should be) already a throttle stop, its a 1/4 dia bolt with a lock-nut near where the cable enters the footwell. The pedal should just contact that at wide open/full throttle.

Also, its easy to convert the earlier organ pedal to 1500 by removing the organ pedal and bolt or weld a plate to the existing lever/bar that hangs down, as far as I can see the 1500 type is just a cheaper version of the organ in less parts to make and easier to fit on the production line.

Ian Webb '73 GAN5

The hardest part about the 1500 pedal is getting the rusted hinge of the 1275 organ pedal un-attached from the floor, but after that, its a five minute conversion with tea break included,

from sitting in the midget making reving noises with my lips (no working engine yet) it does give a nice heel to toe action,,, I like it much better then the organ pedal for certian...its truly a bolt on and go installation

BTW... I didnt make or weld a plate ...did I do something wrong... perhaps its a USA kind of thing.


hopefully you have email as I've got a spare pedal

Like everyone else, I've broke several standard pedals, so its always one of the first things that I change on a new midget now.

John Collins

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