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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - anti roll bar links

MOT has pointed out that our anti roll bar links are worn - we now have a choice of standard or the rose jointed May links - which should we go for?
d brenchley


How old are yours?

How much are new ones?

How much do you NEED more ARB control?

If you plan any additional suspension mods it is likely to be a good idea to "upgrade"

If you isn't, I would say it isn't…

and wait…
Bill 1

Hi Bill,
Links are some years old and the AR bar is already thicker than standard, also running adjustable lever arms (car used for historic rallys).
Just wondered if anyone used the Peter May arms...

d brenchley

How much are the PM ones? It cant be too difficult to make your own, a couple of rose joints in a tube? No?

Found this in the archives on a quick search.

Malcolm Le Chevalier

Each time rose jointed suspension pieces has come up in the past, folks have stated that they won't last for very long on a road car (durability is less than rubber jointed) and that they will be very harsh (no compliance).

For a car being used for use other than track racing, is rose jointed a practical option to consider?

Norm Kerr

Rose joint on ARB will be isolated from the tub by bushings. I think they would be fine for a road car.
Trevor Jessie

I had my old ARB drop links changed to new standard ones on a slightly thicker ARB

the new drop links lasted less than 2 years before the rubber bushes looked worn

speaking with a chap that used to sell Spridget parts he told me the original drop links lasted donkey years so it's the rubbish quality rubber we seem to get now at fault

I bought two more new standard drop links in June this year and had to immediately reject one as it looked iffy

so if your sticking to standard beware of this

a mate runs rose joints on his road going Westfield (seven) and it's not harsh but his annual mileage isn't high so don't know about durability
Nigel At

If there is an ARB upgrade already I would go for the posh ones.

Bet you already decided on these :)
Bill 1

If you use rod ends on the road ARB links then get boots for the rod ends they'll last a lot longer.
David Billington

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