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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Anti Roll Bar Links Rub On Inside Of Tyre.


The links on my front anti roll bar rub on the inside of the tyres when the car is on full lock.

My midget has wire wheels fitted and is a stock 1500.

Does anyone have any thoughts why this is occuring and how to solve it?

R Williams

I think the first question must be is
How was the wire wheel conversion done?
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Hi Rob

The car is a 1975 model and I understand that wire wheels were a optional extra. The car came to me with them fitted.

I am presuming that it came from the factory with them fitted.

There is not a lot of history with the car so I have no idea how it was done.
R Williams

Check your wheel offset.
Deborah Evans

A photo might help.

I'm wondering if you might have the wrong links fitted.
Dave O'Neill 2

My Frogeye does that but I have 6 inch wheels and an Addco anti-sway bar with poly bushings. When I had the original rubber bushings it didn't do that since the rubber compressed more than the poly.

So, I would do as suggested above (offset & links) and then I'd check the wheel width and see if it is the stock anti-sway bar.
Martin Washington

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