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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Anti-roll bar question(s)

My 1500 midget has an 11/16" anti-roll with rubber mounting blocks.

What are the advantages (if any) of changing the mounting blocks to polyurethane?

The anti-roll bar end stops are fitted on the OUTSIDE of the mounting blocks, which would appear to be unusual as every photograph I have seen shows them fitted on the inside. Is there any significance to this?

Oh, what a tangled web...

Any advice gratefully appreciated.


M Davies

Don't reckon for everyday driving you'll notice much difference. It could end up a bit harsher ride, but doubt that you'd notice it if the wishbone bushes are standard.

Poly bushes will only make a difference if you do them all. Then the car'll be much crisper at the front end, turn more sharply etc. Mind you, given the age of even 1500s these days, a brand new set of rubber bushes will have that effect in daily use and have the added advantage of being gentler on the bones, too!

Max max-at-midgetmax-dot-com

Thank you for your very prompt response.

All the other bushes are polyurethane.

What do you think about the end stops being on the outside rather than the inside (or were you referring to that point in the first part of your answer?)


M Davies

mechanically it ought not to matter if they are inside or outside, just so long as there is enough straight portion on the outside for them to sit right (I think that's why they are usually on the inside, it is all straight there!).

Norm Kerr

I never ever had ARB end stops on the ARB on my frogeye, didn't know they existed at the time, and was never aware of any problems resulting from their absence.
David Billington

tiny things aren't they?

I seriously doubt if it will make much difference, inside or out

My car only had one (nearside) when I saved it

and ran for several "seasons" (A season for my car is twelve months long) before I bought and fitted a new pair

didn't make a nounce of difference

don't worrit about it
bill sdgpm

Thank you to everyone for your comments. Much appreciated!

Have any of you had any experience fitting a vernier cam gear?

I dismantled my engine to find that the duplex timing chain was set at 108.5 degrees rather than the specified 103 for my 'Road 83' cam.

I've bought the very expensive vernier gear just in case I should need it when I reassemble it... It came with no fitting instructions (torque etc.) and I realise it may be a bit over the top on such a mild cam.


M Davies

I think the increased diam bar and polyurethene mounts provide one of the most cost effect improvements in an Midgets handling. If you ever do an auto test day or a track day (try MGs on Track its the best fun you can have)you will definitely notice the stiffer flatter front when cornering hard.

tm wainwright

Agree TM, very good mod for comp use and I always ran my racer with 11/16 bar. And when I switched to poly bushes on the rest of it, what a difference!

Michael, if you've poly bushes elsewhere then you do need them on the ARB, might as well get the very best available.
Max max-at-midgetmax-dot-com

Is 11/16 the best size to run - or is there a better one - if you were setting it up again?

Great exhaust btw Max - it's even got a nice shiny end now :)!!!!!! (Shame I will have to drive it and make it all dirty again - perhaps I should give up - and take her around in a trailer and just roll her out for concours - then I wouldn't need a properly running engine!!!!!!)

Spridgets don't seem to be as prone to the front bar moving sideways as other applications. I suppose it has something to do with the rather short links. The stops were there to prevent the bar shifting which could alter the roll stiffness from one side to the other. Not a big deal on most street cars, but on a competion car I'd not want anything changing. If you install a larger bar and need stops, two piece shaft collars work great and are available from most any hardware supply, even in aluminum if you are weight consious.
Bill Young

I can highly recommend a stiffer bar. I run a 3/4" ARB, with poly mounts, in my 1500. And as Max mentioned above, my ARB mounts went in when I replaced all the rubber bits with poly, front and rear.

The usual caveat (and I just posted this in another thread) is that heavier bars can pull the mounts out of the chassis sections:

By the way, those pics show what I used for ARB end-stops.


Gryf Ketcherside

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