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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - AntiFreeze help?

Hi all,
I would like to top up my antifreeze but I didn't ask the PO what sort he used. SO....I guess the best idea is to drop the hoses, flush out & start afresh then?
Its a MK III midget 1275 so does anyone have any recommendations for antifreeze?
Cheers all
colin frowen

I would flush out and clean through. You may find all sorts of crud comes out. The fun one is the engine drain plug at the rear of the block just behind the exhaust manifold as that often blocks up!

I use Bluecol as its the non OAT antifreeze recommended for older engines. Any blue coloured antifreeze should be ok. It has to be changed every 2 years.
Bob Beaumont

This is where Nigel Atkins would have come to the rescue, I still use the coolant flush procedure he sent me. A lot of good people who used to post on this forum no longer post here and their experience is sadly missed. Wonder why that is?
Pete Ottewell

Id use the standard everyday glyco anti fresse, 50/50 mix

Just remember to put the front up hill and let the car run for 20 minutes with the cap off to dispell the air bubbles in the engine or it will over heat and blow hopefully only just the head gasket

I also drill 2) 1/8th inch holes into the thermostat face

Good luck

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

. A lot of good people who used to post on this forum no longer post here and their experience is sadly missed. Wonder why that is?

I hear ya pete, alot of british and american automotive web forums are in the tank... I dont think has had more then 10 people this year visit

And the mg experiance is almost a has been place

Even here the MGB bbs forum, gets probably less then 100 hits a week and its only the die hards posting

I think there is a huge lack of intrest in mg cars and.other british makes... be ides my own... ive only seen 1 black cb mgb in town this summer... there is just no interest

But I see maybe 50 motor cycles a day everyday...they are very popular

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Yes, it is a shame there are fewer posters these days.

Nigel's coolant flushing advice is contained in the following old thread:

M Wood

Hi all,

Nowadays answers are not always to the point. It very often a cosy babble box wit long threads . Could this be a reason?

Flip Brühl

I doulbt it flip

If people wanted short easy answers without commentary they would simply consult haynes

If you here asking for help, then your looking for something extra
Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Well said Prop. There's more to this community than simple exchange of information. Support, encouragement, humour and more. It's easily the best forum I've been involved with on any subject.

Feel the luuuurve hahaha! Have a nice week All.

By the way I was very impressed with Lawrence's tip about using cheap supermarket Cola to clean out a block. I tried it to clean up a single cylinder diesel engine for a salvage pump. Worked very well.

I agree, the best forum I access reguarly.

And to answer the question - Bluecoll, but can be difficult to find these days.

M Wood

Oh yes the Question. Thanks for the reminder Mike. I like Caterpillar ELC (Extended Life Coolant) in 50% solution because I get it for free. It is specificaly formulated for Cast Iron engines and based on ethylene glycol, so chemically similar to Bluecol but a pretty strawberry pink colour.

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