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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Any difference between these indicator switches?

It looks like I need to replace the indicator switch (stalk) on my car, and I need one with the horn function. Apart from the printed graphics (which I can either live with or remove), and the plug (which I will probably have to remove to fit the switch to my non-standard car), does anyone know if there any important differences between the 'proper' item that retails for around 50, and these please?

This one costs 25
eBay item 301052641431

This one costs 22
eBay item 231075953580

This one also costs 22

My experience in the past has been that modern units do not last nearly as long as the original items, so I am loathed to pay more than I have to.

Jonathan Severn

I couldn't see that any of the 3 said what diameter the clamp is so how do you know they will fit the midget column?
David Smith

I think you'll find those switches are now better than they used to be, whether they last four plus decades like the originals is a different matter

I got mine from Bad Boy Classics as they said at the time they'd sold loads without return

I can't say how good it is as the original is still working so I've yet to get around to fitting the new one

now of course 'genuine Lucas' doesn't mean it's made in the Midlands any more

link here for for one example -
Nigel Atkins

I think too that some are suitable for self-cancelling and some are not.
Nick Nakorn

Weather you buy the new lucas china made, or a good used orginal off evil wire in a hidden relay

I to had heard the new china made didnt hold up well

I would stay with a good used orginal

Who on here just purchased bucket of rust midget they where breaking up

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Dave pratt, in kent UK

He posted the rust bucket midget he is breaking up for parts

Thread called ( MCD ) midget conpulsive order

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

This thread was discussed on 27/02/2014

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