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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Any Scrutineers about

Im racing at silverstone next weekend and would like to know if i can modify/remove the visor of my full face crash helmet in an mg midget with windscreen and a hardtop as it steams up when closed and gets in the way when open.

The blue book is so hard to find what you want in focus.

Dean Stanton

I ran an open faced helmet so cannot see a problem.
John Collinson

I know a Midget cockpit is small but I'm fascinated to know how it 'gets in the way when open' ?
BTW if you look up 'visor' in the bluebook index the first reference is K11 and that's where you will find what you want to know, what could be easier, eh?
David Smith

where is Daniel when you need him ;)
Onno Könemann

In answer to your question David since you are so facscinated the visor gets in the way for me in two ways being 6 ft with a long torso i find that i scrape the visor on the fibreglass hardtop at times and aslo my visor only half opens so the bottom half is clear whilst the scratched bit gets in the way of my vision, does that answer your question, eh ?
Dean Stanton

My personal opinion.

Closed cars open face helmet and I guess a full face helmet with no visor (or goggles). Open car with no windscreen needs a visor or goggles to go with the helmet.

Not a question asked very often so if the scrutineer asks a colleague for a 2nd opinion please be patient.

Next weekend or this weekend4/5/6?
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

Thank you Daniel yes racing on the 4,5,6 this month.
Dean Stanton

well Dean, I'm 6'2" but don't have any trouble with visors touching the roof.....unless you have a *really* old helemt where the visor goes up vertically. Hence David's qusestion.

Seeing as the "touring car" helmets that were popular a few years back were sold without a visor but with a peak (for some reason) then it must be OK to go visor-less.

But I think it's daft not putting the visor down. In the "big one" there's allsorts of mud, glass, stones etc being chucked around. Your current problem isn't half as much as a nuisance as getting that in your eye.

Buy a new visor if it's scratched, tighten up the screws so it sits properly, cover it with anti-mist, buy an expensive helmet with coated visor and decent ventilation. But think beyond just lifting it up!

Us racers are odd. We would think nothing of spending £150-£350 on finding half a second, but we balk at the price of buying something to save our lives. And I admit I'm as bad as the rest!

Max max-at-midgetmax-dot-com

Max i see your point and agree with it now you put it like that, i think i scrape the visor by the way i put it on and sometimes move around in the car,i think my seat could also benifit from being slightly lower too, also if the screen ever went i would still have the back up, so i may refit it.
Dean Stanton

Just to be the devils advocate. When I first started racing (a long time ago) I bought myself a Bell Mag4RS which was an open face helmet favoured by a few Touring Car drivers. My car was a closed Midget with a hardtop and laminated screen.

Because of misty up in wet weather I took a section of the rubber strip out from under the screen and fitted a curve acrylic lip to direct the air flow to the screen. It worked.

However, it worked too well when a solitary piece of gravel was thrown up and it passed clean over the bonnet and went clean through the gap, it bounced off the inside of the screen after being directed up there by the lip. It ended up smacking me dead centre of my forehead and boy did it hurt.

I then went out and bough a full face helmet and have had a full face helmet with visor (down) ever since. I now run the car open so that question doesn't come into it.

Andrew McGee


In a closed car there is no requirement to have a visor fitted - however as pointed out by a number of people it is wise to keep it

I have a Bell FF helmet and keep the visor - I run with it up usually because I wear glasses and find that they fog if I keep the visor down in a closed car - however it is there in case anything happens to my (macralon) screen...

See you tomorrow

JB :)
James Bilsland

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