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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Anybody using 15' wheels?

I bought some lovely 15" bolt on spoked wheels from a guy i know doing a MGBGT V8 conversion..

They came together with a whole load of other stuff.

Out here, even Nissan micra's use 15" wheels nowadays and 185/60-15 tyres are easily available..

Wheels are 6.5 j

is anyone using this size of tyre ?
Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

I know arie is using some over sized wheels, but I think he is using 14 inch...he has made mention that he bottoms out from time to time

I think 15 inch would be a tough fit to make without some modifications to the wheel wells

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

6.5 wide...

Becareful of the wheels backspacing isnt to deep....the rear leaf springs can shave the inside rubber walls of your tires fairly quick

There is such a thing called a "dove tail" leaf spring and a company in detroit michigan makes them one off for the midget... or used to

And they allow for a deep back space, id think your going to want a panhard rod also even with a round wheel arch car

Something else to consider with a big that is suspension performace and tire grip

With british cars that are spokes they like a small tire foot print because there under powered compared to huge 454 chevy v8, so they need to flex there way around inside of a tight turn, if there is a big foot print on the tire it can have to much traction snd actually loose speed performance, kind of like appling the brakes lightly

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

You might want to pop those dimensions into a tyre size calculator, check out the visuals below, I think they'd be unfeasibly large.

For a 15 you would need to go for a 185/50/15 or 195/45/15 to get a similar overall diameter wheel and tyre combination to original.

As Prop says the width will be a problem if the offset is too deep on the leaf spring, and if it does clear the spring, you will certainly need to be driving a RWA Midget. 165 is about the widest you can go before rubbing on either the spring or arch on a SWA midget.



D Prince

Heres a picture of the wheels.

They have a steel centre section and spokes with an aluminium rim.

Got them together with a 4AGE engine and gearbox, propshaft axle, springs and complete front suspension brakes and steering from an MGBGT.....

Not really planning on using on my frankenfrog at least not now, ive got 4 nearly new tyres to wear out first, but just mulling possibilities...

Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

MGB and Spridgets have different PCD, so not a direct swap anyway.
Dave O'Neill 2

Eehhhh... if the pcd is not the same, id say keep the rest and sell on these

The pcd can be sloted on some wheels, but probably not a good idea with this car, the only other option would be and adaptor that fits between the wheel and the hub.

But the rest of the kit.. yeah, your the man!!! im a fan

The wheels look in great shape... you might fetch enough to make the rest or your kit .... FREEBEE !!!!!!

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

or.... maybe build one of these.... based on an MGB....

Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

Is that a Naylor?

Its an NG.

Uses a new chassis and GRP body, but all the other parts are from an MGB.

Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

What is an (NG) .... I know its a kit car based on an mgb, but why the N and not an M

They have a great looking site and some great looking cars
Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I think the M was already taken ;o)
Dave O'Neill 2

NG was named after the guy who started the company - Nick Green.

I've got an NG TC which one day will have a Rover V8 engine and manual gearbox from a Rover Vitesse stuffed in it.

For what it's worth, my NG has 15 inch wheels.

Malc Gilliver

Dave.... good one hahaha

Mmmm nick green, ... morrise garage, yeah now I can see the similarities


Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Back onto the thread. I use the following calculator

The two recommended sizes for Sprites and Midgets are 5.20x13 and 145x13. Interestingly the 5.20x13 gives a radius of 295mm and (assuming the profile of a radial tyre is 82%) the 145x13 gives a radius of 281mm.

This means when you use radials the car is under geared compared to using cross ply tyres.

Anyway using 185/55x15 tyres you get a radius of 292mm

Rob aka MG Moneypit

I ve got 145, its the smallest tire you can get on the midget ...I think, i wont do it agian

It just looks odd
Prop and the Blackhole Midget

The 185/55-15 tyres are very common now, fitted to small cars like honda citys and toyota yaris....

I think they would probably look nice on a spridget,, though the harder ride maybe too much to put up with.

Just on a side note, i went to the vintage car show in Hua Hin at the weekend, 600kms round trip, no problems with the car except where my wife put a glass bottle under the seat and the clanging noise it made upon acceleration or deceleration sounded like my diff had come loose....
oh, and a core plug started to leak....
Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

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