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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Anyone else have a head they're selling?

The title says it all really. I urgently need a replacement head for my 1275 - the current one has burnt a valve and has had it and I'm up against it - need to do it next weekend. Currently looking at doing a budget job since cash is tight at the moment, so if anyone has a serviceable head I can bolt straight on going for a reasonable price I'd be very grateful if you could drop me a line at markDOTharrisATincusavDOTcom. I'd rather buy from someone I trust than risk eBay if possible!

Many thanks


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D O'Neill
Rob Newt

Mark - Dave - I am/should/will be at Aldon , Breirley Hill for the RR on Saturday so can bring head down to Devon if the deal is on.
Dave Price

Dave O'Neill,

Thanks for the offer - I've emailed you with my choice. Can you give me your address so that I can send a cheque and arrange our courier to get it collected.

Thanks again,



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Dave O'Neill2

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