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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - anyone ever install a brooklands type windscreen

Did any one here install a brooklands windscreen (or two of them) or some other similar off the shelf racing windscreen? If so, can I please see pictures?

R Harvey

I think they look silly on anything after the TC.

I have however seen several normal winscreens cut down and that realy looks cool!

I still plan to do that when in 20 years time the midget does not have to do daily duty's any more.
I have the spare frame ready for it!
Onno Könemann

Rebecca, most of the racers run very low wind screens that just comply with the rules. No real driver protection from the wind except at speed, they rely on their helmets and eye protection for that. I've seen Brooklands screens installed on a Frogeye and IMHO they look sort of out of place, the period of the Brooklands screen just doesn't match the car very well.
If you want to cut the wind drag and still have a reasonable windscreen for the street I'd go with a shortened stock screen similar to this one on the B Stingers MGB. It's not "off the shelf" but you can have a good glass shop cut the stock screen down to the lower level or use Lexan and a second screen frame would be pretty cheap to buy for a Midget. The down side would be the height of the vent windows which the B Stingers removed.

B Young

Photo of a typical short plexiglass racing screen that most Spridget and MGB racers use.

B Young

Hi Rebecca,
For an alternative view,see below.
(but you do need goggles and a flying helmet and earplugs)

steve cowling

Steve, that is exactly what I had in mind.
I do see what people mean by that it looks a little out of place. However, I think that I want to either do exactly that or what B Young posted.
thanks for the pics.
R Harvey

Interesting radiator Steve, what's that out of?

Andrew McGee

Thats his intercooler.
Any cooling issues yet Steve ? or is it still ok, I have one to fit but not got round to it yet.
Rob Newt

Andrew McGee

Hi Rebecca
Have a look at your local motorcycle store they usually carry a fair range of different shapes and sizes
From memory I think this one came from an early Honda. It works great, just big enough to stop the wind trying to rip your helmet off at speed
All that is needed are a couple of little rightangle brackets to screw it to the top of the dash. This one is slightly tinted which looks OK to look at but is a tiddle distracting to look through/over I'd go clear next time

William Revit

Must say I like the look of chopped screens; shame there's nowhere to attach the flappy part for when it rains/hails/snows/whatever.

Anthony Cutler

Hi Rob,
No cooling issues yet.Just back fromm RR at Mech Motorsport in Cheltenham.Managed to pull 170 bhp with 17psi boost.Peak torque was 160 lbf.ft but at too high rpm.Need to rethink cam/rocker combination maybe.
Managed to set fire to it when the exhaust manifold glowed and set the heatwrap off.........
steve cowling

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