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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Anyone seen/fitted a hardtop like this?

Hi all,

I spotted this hardtop and was wondering if it really is as rare to find as they say? Anyone seen one like this before?

And how hard it would be to fit a hardtop to a 1275? I assume you just remove the softtop and frame and the hardtop just bolts straight on in place??

J Wills

Funny to see there are somany hardtops out there that ive not seen before.

If the shape is still correct it should easely fit a 1275.
Not sure if the blue glass will suit with any collor car.
Good luck on the buy John!
Arie de Best

Hi John,
Fitting this hard top would be the same as most other hard tops. Two clips at the front clip to the screen surround and two bolts, one each side where the hood frame hinges on the body. The bolts go through the brackets that you see on the studs in the pictures. These brackets usually remain on the car and are also used for the tonneau bars.
You do not need to take the hood off to fit the hard top but could do if you want to. I never have.
Lets now wait and see who removes the hood and who doesn't.
Good luck
Dave Brown

its a parish hardtop,

now called (trimline ???) its an american made...ive got one

what makes this one uique is that someone added a sun roof to it along with tinted glass

I like it..

the big red warning flag is the shipping in the states theese tops can cost $500 to ship...apperantly its the odd shape that the shippers want such.a primume price tag

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

sorry ..

.NOT trimline....the company is called "Smoothline"

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Does it really fit ALL Spridgets? The works hardtops were entirely different for the 1098 cars compared with the 1275/1500 cars due to the longer cockpit on the 1275 and 1500.

I have never removed the hood and frame to fit the hardtop. Just fold the hood carefully and it doesn't get in the way at all.

A friend has a genuine Bermuda top on his MGB. It has twin clear panels in the roof and makes the car very bright and light inside. The downside is that if the sun shines, even in winter, you cook inside the car!
Mike Howlett

I have one at the side of the garage that someone gave me when they were doing a clear out.

It has the blue top as well.

Eddie Cairns

No will not fit all 69 and pre68

here is there web site...unfortantly it shows all the hardtops they make for the MG line up...not just the midget, so.a.little confusing

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

They do look good and all quality with raingutters and old style rearwindow, i like it the mklll hardtop.
But at 1.119,- dollar (no postcost yet) its expensive.
Probably right for the quality top you get but an awfull lot of money for something I wont be using all year(1 or 2 months top).

Whats the dollar like at the moment in Pounds/Euro?
Its bound to go cheaper with the American economy strugling, have they started printing extra money yet?
That usualy does it to bring curency to 0 value.
Arie de Best

I had exactly that hardtop, came with the 1500 I bought in 1981. Loved it, always made dull days feel like bright days, if the conditions ok I would buy it. The blue panels are standard. I'm pretty sure this hardtop is not of US origin.
M F L Sherrit

i agree, i had an identical hard top, i was given it and subsequently gave it to somebody else!
The roof panel and tinting is standard
S G Macfarlane

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