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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - ARB Size

Can any one confirm what size standard arb is and what size is recomended for a fast road car and best place to get from
Andy Sebring

Mine's outside under a tarp at the moment and it's hissing down so can't measure it. It's standard size (can't remember what size sorry) and it was from M&G International (now part of the Moss empire) but any of the usual suspects will stock them.
If non else comes along (sure they will) I'll pop out when it stops and measure it :)
Jeremy Tickle

IIRC standard size is 9/16".
David Billington

Standard size is 9/16" (C- AJJ3314) but I use a 5/8" (C-AHT56) on my Frogeye. The thickest is 11/16" (C-AHT57)
Bob Beaumont

I use a 5/8" ARB on my frogeye but it is enhanced in stiffness by outriggers supporting the bar nearer the bends. The trouble with the standard arrangement is that the bar is supported part way in from the bend and so is subjected to bending as well as torsion so reducing its effectiveness.

A mate has an Austin sprite with a 7/8" ARB made by its previous owner who worked for Stothert & Pitt, I'm not sure but I think in that case the front chassis legs may have deflected more than the ARB, they certainly suffered and had to be reinforced as is often the case.
David Billington

This is the link to the Special Tuning sheet which lists ARB info:
Graeme Williams

Remember to reinforce and add weld to the mounting plate or the arb will ripp out
Prop and the Blackhole Midget

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