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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Are all front hubs the same

I'm going to fit new disks to my 1971 1275 midget.

Rather than having the 1275 car off the road for a while I thought I would refurbish the front hubs off a 1500 Midget that I am restoring. That way, it would simply be a case of removing the hubs on the 1275 and straight on with the refurbed 1500 hubs with the new disks.

My question is - is there any difference between the hubs on a chrome and rubber bumper Midget. I don't expect there I but you guys are more knowledgeable than me.
Chris Hasluck

they should be the same, but if you are concerned you can check the catalogs to confirm they use the same bearings and spacer part numbers
Norm Kerr

both the same...
David Smith

At the risk of mentioning FWB's, make sure you double check that the bearing spacer length and the shoulder to shoulder distance inside the hub are the same length when you put them all together.....

Sorry, Sorry, sorry....
Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

Disc brake Hubs the same for spridgets from about 1963/4 onwards. Bearings the same for all Sprites and Midgets and the same as Morris Minor/A30/A35/A40 Riley 1.5 and Wolseley 1500
Bob Beaumont

Thanks for comments. While I'm clear about removal of hubs, I'm not entirely sure about reassembly. I know it is the reverse of disassembly but do I just tighten the castle nut until things get tight or what?
Chris Hasluck

Yes the castle nut nips up tight and then the split pin installed. They are plain bearings so not adjustable
Bob Beaumont

x2 what Bob said. The center spacer controls the bearing "pre-load" (actually, it is a few thousands of clearance). this is why Andy mentioned to make sure your spacer is exactly 1.5".
Norm Kerr

Actually they are angular contact ball bearings not plain bearings.
David Billington

If the bearing disintegrate on removal is it easy to get replacements?

OK - I'll get my coat and leave right now
Chris Hasluck

Beware the steering arms. 1500 and late 1275 are the same but earlier 1275 are different. The steering arm ball joints are different between early and late 1275.

Rob aka MG Moneypit

"""If the bearing disintegrate on removal is it easy to get replacements"""

And lawerance is up to the the batters cage, will he get ever bit of this meaty softball out into the grandstands....

Batter Up !!!

Swing for the fences lawerance, its all yours.

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

If the bearings are ok ie no noise and slackness then try not to damage the them if you can help it. The inner one may come apart when you pull the hub off the stub axle. There are different schools of thought about reassembly of the bearing. I have done it without any problems but others disagree and say it can damage the bearing.
Bob Beaumont

Some bearings just slide, others so tight they disintegrate.

Follow other's posters advice as mis-loading can destroy bearing quickly.
Dave Squire 1500

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