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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Are gear levers interchangable

Hi just fitted 1275 gearbox into my sebring replica and wanted to keep the original gear lever cover (early metal type with round grommet) but 1275 lever has the larger collar on the shaft , just wondering is the early plain lever interchangeable ?

If not what other options are there ? presume use 1275 lever and later gear lever shroud ?

Andy Chaffey

pretty certain it would be (but never 100%) as the bottom bulbs are the same I think it's just the later lever had two retaining plates instead of one so there might be a reason for this but it might relate to the lever rather than the box remote

I think my previous Spridget had the wrong lever but it might also had the wrong gearbox too but I can't remember as I had went through 3 gearboxes with the car - I've always had luck with classics
Nigel Atkins

If the 1275 lever is different to the original, the difference will be in the distance between the large pivot ball and the small ball on the end - easy to measure.

Early 1275 gearlevers didn't have the damper, so there are other options.
Dave O'Neill2

Andy, yes the early lever (1098 & 1275 to 1969-ish) is a straight swap for the late 1275 lever with the damper in it. However ISTR the *very* early lever from Frogeye /smoothcase box is different.
David Smith

Nigel / Dave / David ,

Many thanks , makes it a bit clearer , next question has anyone got one for sale , seen one on e bay but its been modified

David - also many thanks for clutch arm , cleaned up and fitted looks great

Andy Chaffey

one on eBay (modified), dont know if its from anyone on here -

and this is the later one with two plates as a comparison

Nigel Atkins

Andy, yes of course I have - see pic, you have my email...
Glad clutch arm OK - I picked the one with least play in the bush :-)

David Smith

not that it matters just curious, I can't remember any of my levers looking like that, slight curves and black covered, is that an original or modified

could of course be my faulty memory
Nigel Atkins

Nigel please just read the thread - it's all in there ;-)
David Smith

sorry I'm missing it

I thought the the original was straight and painted(?) just my memory, the one in the photo looks wavey and plastic coated, not that it matters
Nigel Atkins

Here's a wavey, plastic coated one.

it's a bit dark, so not easy to see, but you can see from the angle of the gearknob that it isn't in-line with the base of the lever.

Dave O'Neill2

cheers Dave, my memory then or I never had proper sticks, still remember mine as painted

wonder where I can get a concours correct no points lost memory from :)
Nigel Atkins

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