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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Are these the correct wiper arms


I needed a new wiper arm so decided to get 2 new ones but they're not the same and not as nice as the orginals, they're bulkier and have an ugly non period screw to hold them on. A bit peaved having paid 35GBP for them. More stuff for the 'unwanted parts or wrong parts sent bin'

My orginal arm is the one in the bottom of pic and I think looks much nicer. The new top one is from tex and both the arm and blade holder are different.

So have I ended up with the wrong ones. i.e. were pre '67 UK cars like my orginal one?

Where can I get one like my orginals from?



Greg H

ah, Tex wiper arms and blades one of my specialist subjects

I will say their customer service is very good but there wiper arm springs aren't

I've got a set of "prototype" arms from them, they just have springs fitted that are too strong rather than their usual too weak springs

what you have there is a 'wedge lock head for worn drives', left crank, Spoon fitting (which will have the blade loose or flying off), note the single rivet too

but Greg we went through all this a while back, IIRC I put up a link to Tex so I'm surprised you're surprised, did I not also put up a comparision photo(?)

I could only find adjustable length arms with double rivets (I think, all info locked away on other computer) you could try this chap, let me know how you get on as I still need some good wiper arms -
Nigel Atkins

You will love the screw fitting!
No more hassle with losing wiper arms or having trouble removing them.

Usualy you have balanced correct responses but what you say about spoon fitting wiper blades is absolute nonsense!

A happy screw/spoon wiper arm/blade user!
Onno K

Nigel I remember it very well and even the ugly photo. I recall you stated they secured better with the screw and you may have even stated it was a Tex wiper. BUT in my defence your Honor.... I went to a very reputable midget parts supplier and so I thought I was getting an orginal part. They even had a picture of an original part to deceive me. If they had of stated an ugly reproduction I wouldn't have bought it. The flat arm wassn't chrome either, could be stainless but I had to polish it up and it still looks worse than my 40yo original.

So can I buy some new orginals somewhere? I've been trying with these for a while. I did buy a second hand one a few months back and it looked original but when I got it, it was about 20mm longer and so too long.

Wanted: Orignal wiper blade.

Hey Nigel check out my profile picture. Got that elusive grey moulding on. Cost me
Greg H

have messed about trialling wiper arms a while back I wished they were the screw wedge (lock) fitting type so agree with you

thanks for saying I usually give a balanced response (except when I'm winding certain people up but they never notice) - I should have qualified my loose or lose statement

I don't know how old your spoon arms and blades are but recent Tex spoon blades have worked loose on a mate's Spridget and blown off on a mate's Westie so unless the product has improved or my mate's were unusuallly careless the new ones might come loose or fly off

I should have put might/could/maybe in my last post post, I usually put less definiate words

the Tex spoon mechanism on the blades I've seen aren't very positive

I do sometimes come out with absolute nonsense, when confused or forgetfull and sometimes on purpose as a wind up but not this time for either
Nigel Atkins

sorry on rereading my post it look a bit curt because I was rushing (as much as I can when typing)

now I do know I put to check and cross reference all information, especially suppliers (catalogues) :)

Tex told me they've been doing their stuff since the 60s and I must admit I thought the double rivet arms I had were Tex but they weren't

the arms in the link I put in my last post are a different make to Tex but I can't remember which make at the moment and his are all adjustable but it might be worth contacting him as he might know what the original type should be

well done on getting the grey moulding, from Aus or over here?

sorry Greg I can't be too pleased with you as I remember reading something about you only taking your car out when sunny and dry, tut, tut :)
Nigel Atkins

I checked out the above link you posted and they look reasonable but they're adjustable arms and pics aren't that good. I just found these on ebay so looks like someone makes them. Don't like the blade holders but the arms look good. Yes I know I'm fussy. 46 when I only want one arm is a bit much for me.

Greg H

yes they'e adjustable but I put the link for - >>but it might be worth contacting him as he might know what the original type should be<< - you could email him and ask what he knows

does this eBay seller have the arms for 73 cars do you know or have a link to eBay page?
Nigel Atkins

The trim came from a guy in the UK who said he had it late last year and I just couldn't get him to quote for postage to buy it. So after quite a few months and many emails I gave up then. Then a person on here 'Dave'? went to this guys place and saw it and said he knew someone looking for one which was me. The guy said he already had a buyer which ended up also being me. So out of nowhere after many months I get an email asking if I wanted it. Reconfirmed and then after a couple more months of nagging it arrived. Has 7 small holes along the back where long hood screws have poken through but better than nothing.

Actually I don't get to take my car out at all but I am trying, although I'm about over it. As I'm not that optomistic about getting it going this summer I've bought another toy. A Triumph TT600. :) So the Midget hasn't got much chance now. That'll teach it for being such a problem child. It can stay in its room and it won't be coming out until it starts behaving.
Greg H

yes I'll have to do some sloothing

see if this works-

ebay uk, 'mg midget wiper'
Greg H

I have a bit of a collection of odd Spridget blades - but none seem to match yours!

David Smith

Gees David it saddens me to think of how many cars may have died to make that collection. You don't have a MK1 Sprite out the back somewhere with a surplus of wipers? Thanks for looking.
Greg H

I found my old 5.2 mm bayonet 'double rivet' wiper arms with Tex blades just caught the windscreen seal, easy to resolve by just nipping a diagonal peice out of the end of the blade rubber

link worked thanks
Nigel Atkins

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