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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Ashley hard top and roll cage

Any know of a company that supplies a competition approved roll cage (midget) that will fit under a Ashley hard top

I seem to remember reading somewhere that the popular safety devices cage won't fit under and I either can't be modified?

G Saunders

I think my rollcage was a standard SD item under an Ashley top.
Dave O'Neill 2

I have an alley bars (same design as SD) rollbar and ontrial fits the ashley fits nicley over it
Onno Könemann

I know that this isn't really what you asked but I believe that SD two two for the Frogeye and one is designed specifically to fit under a standard hard top, however I don't know if the angle at the back of an ashley is lower than a standard top.
Gary & Gaps

Thanks guys, sounds positive.

I'm not even sure what make my roll cage is as it came with the car so going to be a case of trying it and finding out.
G Saunders

Well I've had a play around today with the Ashley hard top and I don't think it's going to fit. If I pull it down to fit the front then there is a gap at the sides and back. Even if pull the foam padding off my current roll cage then there is still going to be an inch gap.

Well disappointed as I was hoping to get it sprayed up soon.

Does anybody know how I can identify what roll cage I have fitted. Had a good look at couldn't find any identification marks apart from N6 on one of the cross bars.

I'm sure someone told me you can modify the roll cage but I don't think this is possible
G Saunders

Cut and reweld the roll bar to suit.

Providing the welds are done to the standard required by MSA then they have no real reason to look any further, and you will have peace of mind that it will still hold together in the event of a roll.

Can this be done and still provide a good level of protection that will pass scrutineering?

G Saunders

I had SD rollbar until I got the Ashley top - the hardtop wouldn't fit over the rollbar.

Then again it's a MkIII Midget with an Ashley top which I think was intended for a MkI/II, so maybe it doesn't sit at quite the normal height.
Andrew Noakes

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