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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Ashley hardtop

Hi , is there anyway of identifying an Ashley hardtop for a Mk11 midget (wind down Windows pack away hood circa 1966) from later versions , where they different ? . When I got the car it had one and gave it away and wished I hadn't , anyone one here got one lurking in a garage ?
Mike Fairclough

Yes rear is different
I have one lurking thah I might not do anything with. Complete with glass just mising the rear hatch hinges (triumph of some sort iirc) who are easily obtained.
But it is in Holland and does not have to go.....
Onno K


If you have a look at the thread entitled 'rear light swap' a bit further down, you can compare the pictures of my Mk3 and Bernie's Mk2.

On mine, you can see that it curves in slightly below the back end of the side window.
Dave O'Neill 2

Thanks Dave the difference is only slight then , it's difficult to see when there are pictures on eBay etc off the car. The picture shows mine when I got it , looks like it was the correct shape . Onno , shame your so far away otherwise it's very tempting . If there is a chance you could take a few photos of the quarter light area that may help please

Mike Fairclough

Mike. I would say that your top is an early one. On the thread Dave mentions, there are several pictures from different angles of Dave's Doug's and my car an you can clearly see that mine and Doug's are early and Dave's is the one for the folding hood.
Bernie Higginson

Thanks for the info , I didn't see Dougs first time. There appears to be more of a pronounced curve on Daves cars hardtop, so now I know what I am looking for just a matter of finding one !
Mike Fairclough

I sold my Ashley GT hardtop on ebay a year or so ago - it made something like 450 and I had a guy from Malta who wanted it and a guy from Belgium !

Which amazed me really cos you can buy them brand new for only a bit more.

Malc Gilliver

Just guessing Malc, but if yours was an original '60s one, I think the quality would be better than the current ones. And don't forget that the price for the modern ones does't include windows. They are extra and they are Perspex, where yours would have been glass. So if yours was in reasonable condition, the buyer got a bargain.
Bernie Higginson

Yes Malcolm I had seen the new ones for sale but they suggest they fit all wind up window models (so can't see how that works) but out of my price range anyway especially as you say Bernie with no windows or bootlid . Might put a few wanted ads out
Mike Fairclough

It's ok - there's a whole load of people coming back from Zandvoort in a few months time - so Onno could sell his :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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