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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Ashtray Midget 1275 MKIII 1972

Could someone please tell me the correct fitment of the ashtray.
Sounds stupid I know but was wondering which way round is the correct way.


Hinge at the back IIRC
Dave O'Neill 2

Ok Thanks

Is the attached picture of any help ? It's from a dutch folder from the model between the midget with the black windscreen surrounding and the roundwheel arch model.


pjw Seezink

That is excellent thanks,I have had it the wrong way.

Many thanks for your help

what? No anti-smoking nazies weighing in...LOL

it does make a great loose change compartment, wink wink!

With my last Midget, I used the ashtray to store spare rotor arms.
Dave O'Neill 2

where else would the money for the car park live?
P C Knightley

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