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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Austin Sprite

Saw the sill badges on ebay. I found the rest of the part numbers required to convert the 1971 MG midget to one of these. Anone see any of the other bits lately?
S.A. Jones

Those sill badges are not unique to the Austin Sprite, they were also fitted to the face-lifted Austin Healey.
Dave O'Neill 2

Having owned a '71 Sprite in the past, the article fails to mention the dash script which is 'Sprite'.

I once saw a Sprite grill badge on ebay up at 125 ($185). My badge was written off by an unfortunate pheasant. Needless to say I didn't buy it. I believe someone in Australia was looking at getting some made a few years ago.
Steve Church

I have a latex mould I made from an original Austin Sprite grill badge but not got round to casting any yet.

There was a note in MASC last year from someone who said that they could make some - I think by using a standard Austin Healey Sprite badge and somehow doing a "cut and shut" to get rid of the Healey bit.

I made a replacement for mine by taking the photo of the new badge on ebay and printing it out the correct size. I then put this behind a convex piece of perspex. Quite effective from a few feet away.
Steve Church

Couple things. I was told that my URLs are a bit lengthy and contain restrictted charaters so I changed the URL to

Second, Someone mentioned that there was a sprite badge on the dash. I didnt know that. Was the scipt in the same font as the one on the sills?

Also, I thought when the sprite got face lifted the healey name was dropped at the same time. Anyone got a picture of a facelifted austin healey sprite? I think I saw part numbers for that badge but I have never heard of an HAN10 only an AAN10
S.A. Jones

Mine is a '70 AH Sprite, it has the sill badges you have the link to. I've removed them now but still keeping hold of them just in case. The dash badge is in the same style lettering as the Midget.

John Payne

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